Suspect charged in November lynching attempt
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 04.12.14, 11:44
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1. incomplete article
Haj Yehiya's crime was not calling for an Intifada. The crime is attempted first-degree racist murder. He came to a riot armed with two large firecrackers, planning to use them as weapons. He shot the first firecracker at police. Later, a mob stopped a car, and when they identified the driver as a Jew, pelted the car with rocks until the windows were shattered. Haj Yehiya climbed on top of the car and threw the fireworks into the car. The fireworks exploded setting the car on fire. The driver was saved from incineration by a concerned citizen who braved the crowd. Considering Zippy Livni's attitude to racist graffiti (what she called "price tag terrorism") and how she ordered police occupation of a school as collective punishment for a non-dangerous attack on police, Haj Yehiya should expect years of imprisonment.
2. 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.04.14)
You omitted to add, the concerned citizen who saved the Jewish driver was/is an Arab, most probably an Israeli Arab; kol hakavod to this man.
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