Oil spill said to be worst in Israel's history
Billie Frenkel
Published: 04.12.14, 18:45
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1. Not a good thing.....
koose e mack ,   ny usa   (12.04.14)
Oil is a necessary's inevitable that spills like these occur. Let's hope the environmental damage is minimal! Deserts and scrubs are ecologically very fragile environments.
2. Isn't this line partly owned by Iran?
JOhnathan ,   NYC   (12.04.14)
They should pay too
3. Why is Israel using oil as a source of energy
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.05.14)
that pollutes the environment, and that you have to pay for? We have clean free Solar energy! You just have to buy the solar panels, Lithium ion-batteries and inverters and you are good fora lifetime of energy.
4. 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.05.14)
Nope, Iran does not own any part of this pipeline.
5. This is nothing compared with
USA   (12.05.14)
This is nothing compared with the prophecy in the book of Ezekiel where the Gog-Magog alliance attempts to invade Israel and are supernaturally wiped out. The prophecy states Israel will be doing cleanup for 7 years. That means 1) Israel survives, 2) the alliance is wiped off the map, 3) the cleanup is huge. Read it and draw your own inferences.
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