Israel has not granted refugee status to any Darfur genocide survivors, study finds
Omri Efraim
Published: 07.12.14, 15:23
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1. So much from a country that rose from the ashes of genocide
2. They are illegal
Rozie   (12.07.14)
They came to cause problems...could have stayed in Egypt, the country they crossed on the way. The rape, steal and do not follow Israeli, western laws. They follow Sharia laws and they have caused much grief for the citizens of South Tel-Aviv. They birthrate is very high. Israeli tax payers pay for this. There were over 5,000 of their babies born in Tel-Aviv in 2013. They are on a mission. It is called destruction of Israel.
3. Refugee
A V ,   London UK   (12.07.14)
They are many Muslim country so plenty of choices for them Why a Jewish country?
4. Black Darfurians should stay there and fight Arab occupation
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.07.14)
5. Let them stay if...
manicdrummer ,   Haifa,Israel   (12.07.14)
...they'll convert to Judaism and enlist in the IDF.
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