Video: PA Minister collapses after scuffle with IDF
Elior Levy, Itay Blumenthal
Published: 10.12.14, 18:09
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1. Abu Ein was not struck by a soldier's rifle
Jake   (12.10.14)
The Israeli journalist who was standing next to him refuted the palestinian allegation that Abu Ein had been struck in the chest. A soldier had briefly held him by the neck with one hand, but that was minutes before he collapsed. His last motion was to clasp his chest with his hand. Most likely he died from a heart attack.
2. Abu Ein
Gabe ,   Canada   (12.10.14)
It looks like Angina Pectoris leading to a massive heart attack.
3. Diabetes, high blood pressure, gives himself a heart attack
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.10.14)
The old terrorist, reportedly with a history of diabetes and high blood pressure, worked himself into a high state of agitation in confronting IDF soldiers doing their jobs and suffered a heart attack. So of course, the UN is demanding a "full investigation" to prove it's Israel's fault. And that tree planting the Palestinians were attempting? Another attempt to establish "facts on the ground" on land they don't own.
4. A terrorist in a suit
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.10.14)
If Abbas and his other unelected PA/Fatah cronies want to use this man's heart attack,which he brought on himself,as a pretext to end security cooperation then it'll be clear that they have reneged on the Oslo Accords. These terrorists in suits and ties are only where they are today,enriching themselves,because of the Oslo Accords.If they don't want to be bothered with the Oslo Accords anymore,and it's looked like that for a long,long time,throw them out;Jordanians deported to Jordan and the rest put on a plane to their darling UN in New York with their passports marked persona non grata and never allowed re-entry into any territory controlled by Israel again. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
5. murder
Gerry Shuller ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.10.14)
That is all
6. he continued his diatribe after sitting down on the floor
CJK   (12.10.14)
the man obviously did not feel well. rather than going to hospital immediately, he continued his diatribe. see 0.46-1.16.
7. This man was a TERRORIST !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.10.14)
Good riddance...
8. Pals killed him: He was a murderer!
Benny ,   iran   (12.10.14)
This barbaric Ein did not deserve to live. He already committed murders against Israeli. It looks like Pals killed him. U can see him sitting and he is fine. Then, they take him away & all of a sudden "He is dead." He and all the evil PA entity deserve to see their virgins sooner than later!
9. Funny
James ,   Canada   (12.10.14)
Reading these comments makes me laugh. So this guy is a "terrorist" and deserved to die for protesting the theft of his people's lands and livelihood? Of course any Palestinian that tries to stand up for their rights is a terrorist in an Israeli's eyes and deserves death.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (12.10.14)
11. The guy was a murderer and now he's paid the price.
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.10.14)
I'm not sorry he's dead- and Israel shouldn't be making apologies. He got away with murder- and it finally caught up with him.
12. Wait a minute
Bob ,   Ohio, USA   (12.11.14)
If this guy and his group were going to plant olive trees on Palestinian land, what was the cause of the conflict? Why was the IDF there?
13. a lot of editing here
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (12.11.14)
but it seemed not like the first report, rather he had a previous serious heart problem but instead of seeking treatment after collapsing he continued to protest while feeling ill. He seemed to not take proper care of himself and suffered the consequences of a heart attack and the PA has decided to capitalize upon it.
14. They choked him
James ,   Canada   (12.11.14)
Israeli soldiers put their hands around the old man's throat and choked him. Typical. No wonder he had a heart attack. The IDF has little regard for Palestinian life and dignity. And you wonder why the Palestians hate you? This is your answer.
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