Palestinian autopsy reveals minister died from heart attack
Elior Levy
Published: 11.12.14, 10:46
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1. Whatever - it is still suicide by police !
barbara ,   Haifa   (12.11.14)
2. The truth must be said:
Joya ,   Israel   (12.11.14)
To plant olive trees is a blessing for the land and for everybody, Israel goverment should apologize to the Palestinian government, after all the man was a PA Minister. Abbas & Netanyahu prime concerns must be peace and to not undermine democracy. shalom
3. Terrible for the PA and terrible for secular left
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.11.14)
How will they be able to accuse the IDF or any other Jew if he had a heart attack?
4. he had a dodgy ticker
Could happen to anyone at any time who is suffering from heat disease. Blame violent confrontations a three greatest contributory factor. Cut the violence and it wouldn't happen.
5. Punish those liars, yes Abu Mazen must pay a price for lying
JJJ   (12.11.14)
When Israel will stop being a republic banana? Punish those liars, yes Abu Mazen must pay a price for lying. Threatening Israel day and night with no consequences
6. deadly
omg   (12.11.14)
my oldest dog has nine years old. i think it prevents me from deadly heart attacks.
7. Question
Baz ,   Canada   (12.11.14)
This a grey zone in pathology. But the question should be asked, why did this man die at this particular moment? The trauma he suffered seems to have precipitated a fatal arrhythmia. Therefore, despite his atheroma and previous MIs, the manner of death is not natural.
8. Abu Ein's death
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.11.14)
Perhaps indeed his death was caused by a heart attack. It still amounts to wrongful death, if not outright murder, because his heart attack was induced by the threatening motions by the criminal IDF. Some Zionist leaders should be tried by the International Criminal Court for this in-effect murder.
9. israelis more aware: Palestinians ARE our enemies
David ,   New york   (12.11.14)
All the leftist fantasies that led us to the Oslo catastrophe are pretty evident to the majority of Israelis. This "minister" of the Palestinian authority had murdered Jewish teenagers in Tiberius and his official position as a minister was to be in charge of riots against Israel. Every time we strengthen the Palestinians we are weakening ourselves and bringing the day closer to when they destroy us.
10. Abu Ein
Ezra ,   Florida   (12.11.14)
The world "lost" another Abu terrorist disguised as a minister. Of course Israel "killed" Arafat and now another arch terrorist dies facing his own victims is dead in the "hands" of the Israelis. I wish that that was correct. It would have elated me to know that Israel did something significant to those slime bags.
11. I'd prefer IDF taking credit, with PRIDE!!!
12. Authorities need to check his medical records
barbara ,   Haifa   (12.11.14)
13. No Worries, They'll Get Another Opinion
emanon ,   USA   (12.11.14)
14. with so much hate in his heart, of course said heart gave in
15. #3 Thin skull principle
N ,   N   (12.11.14)
The article insinuates, that the injury or death of a person isn't the perpetrator's fault if it wouldn't occur to a fit and healthy victim. That' wrong: You have to take your victims as you find them. If Mr. Ziad didn't engage in violence first (which would be very unlikely due to his bad health and fitness) then there is no justification for punches, etc. And those who punched therefore have to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter.
16. Palestinian Land?
Bob ,   Ohio, USA   (12.12.14)
Mr Ziad said he was simply planting olive trees on Palestinian owned land. Is that true? If it is, what was the confrontation about? Why was there a confrontation in the first place? Why was the IDF there? It would appear that Mr Zaid probably would have died planting trees - so what was the confrontation about?
17. # 15 BS
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (12.11.14)
he stood directly in front of the Israeli police defying them and orders to move. No, they wont stand trial for another inbred pal idiot like yourself or this dead one pals are bred to die, may they all get their wish. LOVE BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL !!!
18. 16
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.12.14)
The Palestinians are trying to blame the IDF for the death of Abu Z, which will backfire in their faces. The confrontation took place on Jewish land.
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