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The forgotten Jews who fought the Nazis
Itzchak Tessler
Published: 13.12.14, 13:13
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1. Too many American Jews in the terror camp now..
noTerror   (12.13.14)
Fast forward, too many American Jews travelled two phases: 1. Ready foot soldiering for the anti-American camp with the help of handlers from the Soviet - NonAlliance block until the collapse of the Soviet Union. 2. Ready supporters of the Palestinian-Islamic-Iranian-Anti-Occupation terror campaign, from pacifistic, anticolonialistic, anticapitalistic sentiments with the assistance of Palestinian misinformation agents.
2. Need Guns to fight
Zechariah   (12.14.14)
The Jewish Resistance was affected by a severe lack of weapons especially in the Warsaw Ghetto .Few prepared for mass resistance by storing weapons and the Polish resistance gave the Jews Paltry Support. .Even the Soviets Armed Soldiers surrendered 5.5 million often due to bungleds and lack of AirPower .The Jewish anti Nazi Troops had many courageous Fighters and Clever Generals but they had Arms Artillery Katuskas and AirForces. .No so in the Ghettos .
3.  Great Warriors
Zechariah   (12.17.14)
The Jews have great Warriors in their history Sampson was probably the Best. .Gideon had his elite of 300 and David slew Goliath that's Famous.There were spy rings as well the Lucy Ring and Max network .Also in the administration of Quality weapons Jewish Genius Lateral Thinking and Thorougness paid off. .The Tradgedy is as Insular as they were they were incapable of Fathoming the Evil of others.
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