Livni, Herzog slam Netanyahu: He's weak against terrorism
Matan Tzuri
Published: 11.12.14, 22:44
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1. No one can say these 2 clowns don't have a sense of humor.
Jake   (12.11.14)
2. It never ends ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.11.14)
... with Livni and Herzog. We all know that Abbas is behind the increased terrorism; but everytime Bibi has tried to something, it's always Livni and Herzog who screech like banshees, telling everyone not to be so beastly to the poor, misunderstood "palestinian" terrorists, and announcing to all and sundry that Abbas is the perfect, tailor-made "peace partner." Livni and Herzog are evidently unaware that no one -- but NO ONE -- likes a hypocrite. This will be reflected in poor election results for Labor come March. We can only stand so much.
3. Herzog+Livni would capitulate to Abbas in a minute.
Sam ,   Canada   (12.11.14)
Herzog and Livni leave the impression that Abbas can twirl them on his finger. They are both ready to run to him for peace. What he would do is get free concessions out of them in a minute like a freeze and get more for nothing in return. Herzog and Livni don't inspire as being tough.
4. Let's hope...
Brian ,   London   (12.11.14)
That these two can play clean, keep level headed and not alienate their opponents. A future government needs to represent everyone and after years of the Nethanyahu destruction there is a huge amount to do. Slow, steady, clean and ethical... "Rak lo Bibi!"
5. Ynet is a news org with its own political agenda
talk about sins ,   look at them   (12.11.14)
6. I am beginning to suspect, that Livni is Bibis secret Agent
on a mission to destroy the (half dead already) Labor. If the Israeli voter doesn't show his/her utter contempt for Buji & his lousy party now, then I guess we deserve whatever comes our way.
7. Hamas is convenient for right wing
Right wing will do anything to support terrorists just to have an excuse not to make peace with moderates.
8. Labor and Livni could get economic and Justicce Portfolios .
Zechariah   (12.11.14)
In a National Unity Labor could get Socioeconomic and Legal portfolios .Stop Feiglins going to Holy Temple Mount till Messiach .Satmars don't go there neither United Torah Judaism I Think .Also no more live Ammo on Unarmed Palestinian Demos .NonLethals are worth investing in .
9. Trying to weakening Bibi doesn't...
O   (12.11.14)
make Herzog and Livni strong.Quite the opposite!!
10. Politicians who to gain votes bash...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.11.14)
their competitors are not credible.
11. Who is paying...
Mr Psanter   (12.11.14)
...Salomon Balas to post these pro netanyahu comments? Is it possible that 'salomon balas' doesn't exist, is it possible that it's just an alias, a fake facebook profile created by some close associates to the PM???
12. you are in a cyber warfare bibi
1 ,   1   (12.11.14)
if they didn't pay the 5 trillion and 100 billion and you took sinai as a concession may your country burn in hell believe me making a small concession is the short way to the hell if you are dealing with arab , with love tell them one thing pay the 5 billion 3 billion for bush mistake done because of 9-11 and 2 billion for the economic loss they have done to israel and usa and you have seen what was done in gaza war and more of that behaviour was concealed and who leaked it was killed before he spoke ]
13. Livni is shameless
C   (12.11.14)
she sat in that government and was part of the security cabinet. livni also negotiated the disastrous cease fire agreement with iran's terror proxy hezbollah.
14. @2 and who was to blame in 1997? in 2011?
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (12.12.14)
1997: Remember the Ma'ashal affair when Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu ordered the targeted killing of Khaled Masha'al... remember how that one played out? Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu not only ended up apologizing to the Kingdom of Jordan, providing the anecdote for the poison thereby saving Masha'al's life AND releasing Sheik Ahmad Yassin of Hamas. In authorizing Yassin's release Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu authorized THE WORST EVER TERRORIST WAVE ON THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL. For the record Prime Minister Mr. Sharon cleaned up Netanyahu's mess. and who was to blame in 2011? you remember that one when Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu released the SINGLE MOST LARGEST NUMBER OF TERRORISTS for one soldier. as to your election prediction...girlie girl you ain't no Mina Tzemach and so it is clear you know diddly there too!
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