Palestinian human rights activist implores Malala: No money to Hamas, UNRWA
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Published: 12.12.14, 01:17
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1. UNWRA and Hamas
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (12.12.14)
It seems like UNWRA and Hamas are very genial bedfellows. Their secret affair seems beyond most. Even the UN did not see much wrong with it, although we in Israel seemed to see that UNWRA allows Hamas to use their place to hang out.
2. No worries ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.12.14)
... she has the same intent to distribute her Peace Prize financial award as Barack Obama has demonstrated .... remember his fancy claims back then? The "charities" he donated his financial windfall to are educational trusts for his two daughters.
3. "In the name of the poor Palestinian children"
tiki ,   belgium   (12.12.14)
"GET RID of UNWRA"! We deserve better! "Those who really want us to have a better future...HELP us"! It's time for the world who '''says they care about Palestinians, to start a worldwide campaign to make this happen! Israel is not the Palestinian's problem, UNWRA is!
4. Bassem Eid
Turgay Deniz ,   Zurich   (12.12.14)
Great appreciation for your courage and honesty...May Allah bless you..
5. Malala Yousafzai would do better by helping
A ,   Belgium   (12.12.14)
other moslem women oppressed, tormented and tortured by their "religion of peace" worldwide, instead of tossing her money into the one particular cesspool called gaza.
6. I... had... no... idea...
roxanne ,   Haifa   (12.12.14)
that any arab took this position. Interesting information, and I need to learn more about this woman Bassam Eid.
7. Palestinians are being kept in poverty by UNRWA.
8. Victim paying her tormenter!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (12.13.14)
Is this another version of the Oslo syndrome? Poor misguided kid... she should be made to keep her $$ until she's more mature and realize one NEVER gives aid to women right abusers so lavishly. ( except, the UN the EU and, obama. ) KEEP BUILDING !!!
9. # 7 Not only UNRWA Hamas itself.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (12.13.14)
The psychology must be 'a poor pal is a manageable pal.' ( as long s their absentee 'leaders stay rich )
10. Mr.
Ya'akov ,   Jerusalem   (07.04.16)
Malala Yousef is a fraud. How can she fight against Radical Islam and their oppression, murder /Jihad of women , girls and others in Afghanistan but yet promote and support, financially, Radiscal Islamic terrorism in the and against the Land of Israel?? Supporting their goal of the genocide ofthe Jewish People and the reoccupation of the 4,000 yr old ancestral and of the Jewish People.

They already occupy 78% of legally-Mandated Jewish lands plus Areas A and B of Judea and Samaria and Gaza!!
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