Leaked video contradicts IDF version of deadly incident during Gaza op
Elior Levy
Published: 14.12.14, 00:06
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1. not surprised by Hamas
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (12.14.14)
We should never be surprised by Hamas, neither by the extent of their lies, nor the extent of their killing victims, whether soldiers or civilians, whether adults or children, whether Jews, Christians or their own. We must remember they are ruthless killers intent on destroying Israel and will never be a partner to peace.
2. it makes sense
It makes sense that the IDF would lie and portray all Hamas attacks as failuress. If IDF admitted Hamas fought bravely, that would inspire more Arabs to join Hamas and fight. The only question is how did Hamas get access to top-secret video recorded by the IDF. Did some foreign intelligence service crack IDF computers? Or did another Anat Kam commit treason?
3. 5 months, for Hamas to release edited footage
Jake   (12.14.14)
4. israel is going down the drain
ky   (12.14.14)
the same way as the US and all western nations. Another generation of youth spoon fed on Hollywood fantasies, liberal laisez- faire tosh, drugs and obesity Also Israel now has the further burden of relying on a layer of useless haredim youth. to supplement their armed forces. Things are not what they were when we had men like Dayan and Rabin as leaders who were able to deal with reality and get support from ordinary people worldwide.
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