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Herzog-Livni deal revealed: This is how the united party will look
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 14.12.14, 17:09
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1. Barnum & Bailey on the road
Sagi   (12.14.14)
The circus is back in town, the center ring is full of clowns and the side show is full of freaks. These folk do not know what the public wants and longs for, they are out of touch. A party with a leader and no candidates, the leader of this party has a great "ideological" claim, cellular phones. Baby face Hertzog teams up with Zipily to form a "prevention bloc". Mofaz doesn't know what to do. leiberman is playing coy and will decide which direction to take according to the way the wind blows. A leader with real steel huevos is nowhere in sight.
2. Unfortunately it is not a joke: it's Israeli politics 2015!
3. BLAH BLAH BLAH! How about some policies instead of just BS +
shadoil79 ,   Jerusalem   (12.14.14)
personal attacks. All of these people are so full of themselves its disgusting! Including the current PM!
4. Thanks to Zipi Livni Israel has its own Messalina
Messalina was famous in ancient times for practicing the oldest craft in the world. Now Israel beats Rome with the 21st century Zipi/Messalina: you'll be remebered in future times for the same ease in changing partners.
5. Herzog, your place is among circus clowns
Guido ,   Milano Italy   (12.14.14)
You'll surely have a future there. And what a future! Just your apperance will make the audience burst in laughter. I am full of respect and gratitude for your forefathers, but inheriting their name doesn't make you the heir of their merits. What have you done up to now, what are your capacities?... On the other side, you have inherited from destiny such an idiotic face, take advantage of it, sign a multi million dollar contract with Barnum. I can see the posters all over the walls (and your face in the middle of them): 'come enjoy the laugh of your life with no less than a Herzog on stage'
6. Celebrate Israeli Democracy
Avramele   (12.14.14)
As one who is usually unhappy with election results I still applaud and wonder at the inherently democratic process that is elections Israeli style. I wish turnout in all sectors was higher and the debate was more issue oriented but cynicism is uncalled for. The same goes for the vibrancy of the press, right to left, and the independence of the courts in protecting minority rights. Herzl would be proud!
7. #6 issues
Excellent post, let's have an issue oriented debate. During the last government, Netanyahu released hundreds of PLO murderers to strengthen Abbas, imposed a total building freeze on Jews in Judea and Samaria, encouraged Arab building in Area C and gave Livni free hand in negotiations. Abbas walked out on the negotiations and allied with Hamas (that calls for genocide of the Jews) because of two issues: Netanyahu wanted Abbas to agree to the end of conflict, Abbas refused. Netanyahu wanted Abbas to agree that all Arab "refugees" will move to "Palestine", not Israel Now tell me, what would you and Herzog do differently?
8. #4: Nice one! :-))
9. Herzog-Livni-Lapi
Brod ,   USA   (12.15.14)
They will look like the 3 stooges of Israel's politics. Israel deserves better than this.
10. 2Ls
connie mack ,   camden   (12.15.14)
Former minister Mr. Yair Lapid is a disappointment as a national leader and unfit, inept and unqualified to be Minister of any and all cabinet positions. Ms. Tzippi Livni is incapable of overcoming her indifference to Israel's needs and her personal hunger for pride, power and public esteem. However, Mr. Lapid and Gveret Tzipi Livni will continue to be active players in the Knesset for another generation. There are enough star gazers voting in Israeli elections to keep both of these Hollywood types comfortably employed and salaried in the Knesset. By definition, every population has 20 -60% below-mediocre and mediocre citizens of all ages. These honest, upstanding voters have the democratic right, tradition, predictability and personal moral/ethical imperative to vote for mediocrity. To that significant portion of the electorate add the academic intellectual elite who are embarrassed by legislators who verbally remind us that we are Jews in a Jewish State. This elite prefer DNA clones of French, Italian, German, Swedish or Danish lawmakers. These two sectors of the voting public guarantee that Hollywood style candidates Lapid (Cruise) and Livni (Kidman), will always attract enough votes to be elected. That is the greatness of true representative Democracy. Meet you at the ballot box, my friends.
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