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Ovadia Yosef's daughter: Shas is my home, I won't run for Knesset
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 14.12.14, 18:27
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1. There is no sheital like a genaiveshe sheital
Al   (12.14.14)
'Frim is krim' The ultra orthoquack loonies do more to dissuade Jews from our religion than they do to persuade them. Israel was founded to be a state where Jews can live how they wish as free men and women. Israel must for the sake of its very future move back to its roots of true Yiddiskeit hessed and goodness. These impostors are very far removed from our roots. They are out and out impostors and crooks. Till such time they all actively partake in the defence of the country, nothing they say or do should be taken into account. They mean for nothing as long as they do not share the burden of defence.
2. To #1
Big Yossi ,   Israel   (12.14.14)
The army acknowledges that nearly 49% of 18 year old Israelis are not drafted. Of those (again according to the army), 3% are not drafted for religious reasons. So, according to your criterion, an aweful lot of non-religious Israelis "mean nothing" (your words) and "nothing they say or do should be taken into account" unless they serve." That's some super Canadian advice about what what we should be doing over here.
3. Kuche, Kinder, Kirche: kitchen, children,church (well:a sy-
nagogue). That is exactly what both orthodox Christianity and Judaism have in store for women....You think it is difficult to persuade them, that it is their "sacred PRIVILEGE" to be scrubbing floors & changing diapers?! Easy-peasy: you can convince people to blow themselves up as a HIGHEST privilege, so what...? But hey: you're getting some light into your brains Sisters: go for it; step by step! Kick your men out, so they'll be REAL MEN & do their duty in defending our country as well!
4. The ultra-Orthodox is like Rachel
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