Indictment filed against 3 suspects in Jerusalem school arson
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 15.12.14, 15:27
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1. Radical right-wing activists at it again
Miriam   (12.15.14)
I guess the concept of people coming from different cultures actually getting on together is a foreign concept to them. Once again they show their true colors proving that the far right are the real enemies of Israel. Lets hope these brain washed zombies will receive a long jail sentence , that should wipe the stupid smerks of their faces.
2. Not a hate crime?
David ,   Canada   (12.15.14)
"Death to Arabs" and calling Arabs a cancer is not a hate crime? Wow. I guess the Israeli injustice system is at it again--if they label it a hate crime these radicals will be punished more severely. Just charging them with arson and vandalism so they won't even spend a minute in jail. What a a joke.
3. Very Good
Moshe Pinto ,   Buenos Aires   (12.15.14)
The best thing that can happen is to expose all this arrogance and the feeling of injustice to the world. When the minorities in the US starta identifying with the Palestinians this will be the final bullet to the racist and extremist segments of Israel society. The more attitudes like this happen, the best for Israel. Extremists are bad people and shall be exposed. If more actions like this happen before the Palestinian resolution at the UN, some journalist in the US media could explore this and start a pressure movement towards COngressmen to make US abstain from the Resolution and not veto it. I am totally suportive of Lehava. Go Lehava, go.
4. So when do the homes of the Twito
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (12.15.14)
and Gabai's families get destroyed? Oh, I see, a different law for the Jews.
5. Joke! Not the decision to minimize the charges
American Veteran   (12.15.14)
The claims of jewish justice & values, that israel is a democracy. That the joke.
6. good boys
David Appel ,   USATey are good boys   (12.15.14)
They are good boys who want to safeguard the Jewishness. Only left wing idiots call them names. t
7. Double standard is alive in israel
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (12.15.14)
And well alive. They didn't chose this school randomly. The act was an act based on hatred towards Arabs and more generally about any non Jews in Israel when intentions of the Lahava group are revealed. It's despicable that the Israeli judicial system has let this occur. The system is clement toward Jews only G. Moscatelli
8. Not charging them with a Hate Crime
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.15.14)
is a crime in itself!
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