Obama likely to sign bill underscoring US-Israel strategic ties
Published: 17.12.14, 08:15
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1. #1 Hershie Rockman
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (12.17.14)
Israel does not have the industrial capacity to be independent of outside resources (mostly the USA): to produce parts, engines, submarines, launch vehicles into space, special metallurgy, carbon based aeronautical structures ( aircraft wings for example). Friendly relation$, willing $uppliers, and money, lots of money; ALL point to MAINTAINING a strong commitment from the USA. Even if Israeli inventiveness, military experience, have produced Merkava Tank, Lavi jet, infantry weaponry, computer technology have both superior design and performance. moshe
2. re: Moshe
David   (12.17.14)
I'm not completely convinced. Israel does not have the industrial infrastructure, perhaps, but if any small country has the engineering and technical capacity to independently produce armaments, it is Israel. As your note about the Merkava, Lavi, etc. demonstrates, moreover, it was not US technology that won Israel's decisive wars. Granted, there was French assistance for some time... I'm certainly not suggesting that it is good not to have the relationship with the US. It is important to have friends, and it would be better still if all the world would be Israel's friends. I am only suggesting that Israel does have certain strengths, and the US is not the only country that can supplement Israel's needs.
3. Israel has more willing allies now
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (12.17.14)
in weapon sales and cooperation. Germany, India, etc. Your right the US is not the only country that can supply Israel's needs. We should remember that prior to Israel's stunning victory in 1948, America had an arms embargo against Israel. Israel won despite that sorry fact. The business of war is business. Israel has become more than expert on defense and war, she has to. BUILDING IS A BLESSING !!!!
4. Israel must seriously build new alliances
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.17.14)
The Obama regime has made it clear that America's foes can count on him. But America's friends can't. Israel must seriously build new alliances. Hillary Clinton is as horrid as Obama. For all we know; she could be the next U.S. President.
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