Palestinians: US to veto UN resolution 'to end occupation'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.12.14, 22:32
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1. Bibi needs a new political target
avramele   (12.16.14)
watch the rightists and the Obamaphobes spin this as an evil act. Guess Bibi will have to run on his record and not against some imagined foreign boogeymen.
2. Practical Action for the time being
Ron ,   New York   (12.17.14)
If the US will not veto the resolution: 1. More voters goes to the right 2. Bibi is elected again 3. Bibi made it clear his government will not abide by the resolution which will create more frictions with the US government, reduce democrat change in 2016, embolden the Palestinian to negotiate and further the change for meaningful peace. Peace for all.
3. and Radical Israeli Left claims that Jordan is Peace partner
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.16.14)
same with Egypt
4. And who'd ever trust America if she stabbed Israel in the ba
ab   (12.17.14)
-ck ? Even those demanding US doesn't veto would feel America's assurances are not worth anything
5. It was bound to happen
Mike   (12.17.14)
After Jordan took the security council 2 year seat, it was bound that they will eventually propose a pro-Palestinian UN resolution, to feed the crocodiles that are trying to over turn the monarchy. Now the Jordanians will fill their press with praise for King Abdullah (the supposed descendent of prophet Muhammed - war be on him) and blame "American Zionists" for forcing Obama to block it.
6. Just Look At Russia In The Security Council
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   London UK   (12.17.14)
Russia vetoed several security coucil resolutions designed to end the war in Syria by getting Asad to resign.Russia stood steadfastly with Asad who is probably the cruelest and most bloodthirsty dictator alive.Consequently if the US does not use its veto against the palastinians, it would look like a legless superpower not prepared to support its very close allies.That would give Putin a strong message that the US is the laughing stock of the wordl( as Europe already is ) and that he could getaway with anything.The next thing would be the invasion of the Baltic States and the Hapless Europe itself and the return of the Soviet Empire.
7. Bullsh#t !!
Jon ,   Baltimore, US   (12.17.14)
The US has vetoed every resolution that has even criticized Israel. Our government is at the beck and call of the pro-Israel lobbies and the Israeli government, no matter how right wing and abusive it is through the occupation.
8. What? A promise to veto?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (12.17.14)
WIth mixed signal obama one can never be certain what he'll do. "If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr. "If you like your current health plan you can keep your current health pal." Promises aint hat they used to be.
9. It doesn't matter
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.17.14)
The Security Council always entertains resolutions castigating Israel under Chapter VI of the United Nations Charter, and those resolutions are nonbinding and unenforceable. The only resolutions that matter are passed under Chapter VII. So everybody take a deep breath. In the long run, the "palestinians" are not going to get what they want, which is land. Israeli land. In fact, it is quite evident that much of the international community is growing tired of them. Oh, they'll give tons of lip service. But no cash, and no military support. Words are free, and are worth exactly what you pay for them. Put another way -- of the lavish promises made by Europe and some petroleum-rich Arab states and, in fact, by the United States to the tune of $5.4 billion, how much has actually been paid? Right. Hint: no one likes the "palestinians," and no one likes terrorists, but lip service is free. Remember what I wrote about the value of "free?"
10. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.17.14)
Are you saying that you think the United States should support a terrorist rabble that has rejected three opportunities for a state and chosen war and violence instead? In that case, shouldn't the United States restore Okinawa (sovereign U.S. soil in the form of Fort Buckner) to the Japanese? Shouldn't Poland return East Prussia and the Polish Corridor to Germany? And shouldn't Croatia return the entire province of Istria to Italy? Germany, Italy and Japan suffered for having been the aggressors -- and losers -- in World War II. Why should the "palestinians" be rewarded with a state? Particularly a state that will be a giant crater of endless need and want -- and threats, when it doesn't get its way? Nearly one hundred thousand missiles have been fired at Israeli civilians. What would the United States do if Mexico were to fire one hundred thousand missiles at American civilians? There is no "occupation" by Israel. There are consequences to waging wars of aggression -- and losing. These include territorial losses and population shifts. Haven't you heard, or are you too blinded by your irrational hatred of Israel and your equally irrational hatred for the Jewish people? Get an education. You're a moron.
11. # 10
Jon ,   Baltimore, US   (12.17.14)
Anyone who reads these pages are aware of you and your views of the Palestinian Arabs. You believe that they should just conveniently pack up and leave their homes for your Zionist cause to come to fruition. I believe that they deserve the same rights as other human beings and do not deserve to have them trampled on because you and others like you say that they have no place in " your " Israel and thus have no right to be there. Why should you be allowed to continue the occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian Arabs indefinitely, denying them any semblance of freedom to do anything but leave your Jewish state so that the settlements can expand unimpeded? I must apologize to the real Zionists for grouping you in with them because we can all see that you are one of the Ersatz Zionists who sit in their comfortable American suburbs and dictate to the world what they must ignore as successive right wing Israeli governments refuse to ever grant freedom or citizenship to the Arab population you have controlled for over a half a century.
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