Obama's chance to get back at Netanyahu
Eytan Gilboa
Published: 18.12.14, 00:19
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1. Obama can interfere as much as he likes:we're wide awake!
2. Repeating the "Bibi interfered"-cannard helps no one!
3. re Obama's "revenge"
Yardena   (12.18.14)
Listen, If indeed Obama would stoop to childlike "revenge" tactics that affects the whole country of Israel and its population is really sick! Obama might feel resentful however, the Israelis are not stupid and will vote what is good for Israel since its their homeland that matters. Obama would rather support the liberals so he could please his "friends" that he was able to make a bagel out of Israel. take heed Israel!! Vote with your head.
4. correction
CJK   (12.18.14)
obama hates the jewish state of israel. it has nothing to do with netanyahu. he boycotted the knesset when he came to israel. no other foreign leader has ever boycotted the knesset. obama gave his speach to a hand picked audiance of left wing students. this was an obvious attempt to humiliate the entire nation. obama will continue all attempts to punish the jewish state of israel as long as israel insists on her independence as a sovereign nation.
5. Obama wants to be remembered
C.K.   (12.18.14)
as the most anti Semitic US President there ever was.
6. here we go again...
David   (12.18.14)
Ah, the resurrection of the "Netanyahu campaigned for Romney" theme. First of all, I am sure Netanyahu wanted Romney to win after the way Obama threatened Israel in his first term-- preventing Israel from taking action against Iran's nuclear program, refusing to support the demonstrators trying to bring downthe ayatollahs, refusing to support an ally for whom Israel surrendered the Sinai, pressuring Israel to accept an Arab East Jerusalem and an expulsion of 100,000 Jews from their homes, threatening a discontinuation of loan guarantees and arms resupply for disagreements, pressuring Israel to surrender the Golan, pressuring Israel to agree to surrender its nuclear weapons. Is that enough? Netanyahu would have to really have a hatred for his country not to hope for better. That said, I don't recall him doing anything undiplomatic or out of line. The only support he leant to Romney was a meeting in Israel-- a courtesy that he indulges every visiting American presidential candidate who wants it. Just a week ago or so he met with Elizabeth Warren, and a few days ago with Dr. Ben Carson. The premise of this article is jus a regurgitation of the old meme that the world hates us just for being a little too big for our britches, so to speak, and that all we need to do is just swallow our injured pride, accept that we are a defeated country, and wait for everyone's love. Fortunately, we have been able to do better than that for 66 years more or less. We have a right and an obligation not to surrender to everything that Obama has asked for over these years. That is what the fundamental debate is about, and we should be honest in recognizing it.
7. Bogus claim that Netanyahu "interfered" is getting old
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.18.14)
Gilboa repeats the claim that Netanyahu "interfered" or "meddled" in the 2012 election, but fails to provide any such evidence. None that repeat this claim do so either. The most he puts forward is that "Romney blasted Obama over his attitude towards Israel and Netanyahu". Curiously, while Netanyahu was careful *not* to endorse or aid any candidate in the race, Peres and Barak made numerous positive statements about Obama. (I guess that kind of "interference" is OK.) But, as David pointed out, Netanyahu did no more than welcome Romney - an old friend and business associate - as he welcomes every other senior politician. If Obama had deigned to visit Israel in 2012, rather than delay until 2013, he would have been given an even bigger welcome, as befits any American president. So let's put this "Netanyahu interfered" meme to rest. Obama's hostility toward Netanyahu and Likud was evident even before he took office.
8. @ 4 Freeloading Bibi hates Americans
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (12.18.14)
Bibi hates the US. He doesn't care about US interest. He only cares about how he can use the US veto to further his goals. He doesn't care about the US financial situation, he demands free military aid and funding for the iron dome. The bottom line is BIBI hates Black Americans as much as he hates Sudanese refugees. If Obama wants to get back at Bibi all he has to do is cast that VETO. Now that's the ultimate payback that will have a negative effect for bIBI years to come because of his arrogant and ungrateful and selfish demeanor. Serves him well.
9. know nothing, ghetto jew, naive, fear monger, useless did i
ralhp   (12.19.14)
miss anything.
10. Oh yes, Ye Olde claim that Bibi "interfered"
Jake   (12.19.14)
in the elections. Much vaunted. Never backed up by a single quote. (The footage of Bibi used in the Romney campagin ad in Florida is clearly marked ASSOCIATED PRESS.)
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (12.28.14)
This point and counter-point election influencing argument is meaningless in the face of the daily perversion and corruption of the US political system by Israeli and Jewish interests. This is the true meddling and rot in the process that impacts every US citizen as the national interest is sold to AIPAC and its minions.
12. # 4CJK absolutely spot on !
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.10.15)
Now, American's abhor obama and his anti Israel, anti liberty anti democratic stance on just about everything !!! obama can't believe he isn't King or ether America or of Israel. He's a disaster for not only America but, the free world. GET EVEN BUILD MORE !!!
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