No more 'Buji', make way for Isaac Herzog
Nechama Duek
Published: 17.12.14, 23:49
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1. Herzog's pact with irrational Livni will drag Labor down
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.18.14)
This article is a silly ode to wishful leftist thinking. Israel knows Herzog is a nebbish. Spin won't help. In the long run; Herzog's pact with the increasingly irrational Livni will drag Labor down.
2. Where is the beef ?
Gabe ,   Canada   (12.18.14)
There is zero guaranty if the "Young Turks" will be capable to outperform the present "Old Guard". One should not play dice with the future of the State.
3. Well, actually ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.18.14)
... he's still a nebbish. Every time he opens his mouth, his father, z"l, rolls over twice in his grave. Talk about an embarrassment of a child .... Herzog is the darling of the left. Doesn't that say it all? Ever wonder why he always wears loafers (Ferragamo and Gucci loafers, I might add, if I wished to be particularly sarcastic)? The man can't tie shoelaces. I wonder, sometimes, if he wears a digital watch because he cannot tell time .... Once a nebbish, always a nebbish.
4. I'd like to hope,that we're much above American's penchant
for the "right look" in politicians and Idols in general. Although it does play a role, it's no Buji's baby face that should give people a thinking pause....
5. Latest polls: Likud ties with Labor
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.18.14)
The lead that the polls gave Buji after his deal with Livni has faded. Buji is still Buji.
6. And that's how we polish a turd into a diamond, or what?!
7. Herzog, your place is among circus clowns
Guido ,   Milano Italy   (12.18.14)
You'll surely have a future there. And what a future! Just your apperance will make the audience burst in laughter. I am full of respect and gratitude for your forefathers, but inheriting their name doesn't make you the heir of their merits. What have you done up to now, what are your capacities?... On the other side, you have inherited from destiny such an idiotic face, take advantage of it, sign a multi million dollar contract with Barnum. I can see the posters all over the walls (and your face in the middle of them): 'come enjoy the laugh of your life with no less than a Herzog on stage'
8. Baby-face, who cares?: it's not B-I-B-i-face, that's all!
9. "Bujii" is French for "Bubba" (Doll)
Bujii"=Bubba" ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.18.14)
Every time a conservative is interviewed by Israeli Left wing media and refer to the Prime Minister as "Bibi" the person interviewed should refer immediately to "Bubba" Herzog !!
10. Missing in article "Buji" means "Doll"
DeliberateOmission ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.18.14)
Interesting the whole article dances around the meaning of "Buji" which means "doll" in French his mother being French but in Hebrew it translate to "Bubba" for Doll lets have the media call Netanyahu "Bibi" and Herzog "Bubba" . Interesting to see if the media will begin to let the public know Buji means Bubba! Corrupt Media will destroy this nation.
11. How interesting...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.18.14)
All these negative comments from NON-Israelis. Just FYI people, we don't judge on appearance, but on ability to deal with the many serious problems Israel faces. Personally I just wish that Yair Lapid would join with Herzog and Livni too.
12. "Bujii" is French for "Bubba" (Doll)
Bubba"Doll" ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.20.14)
Lets call him" Bubba Herzog" or just " doll "
13. This Left elections campaign spin ad masquerading as an
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.21.14)
Oped has been left on Ynet front page for weeks
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