Hamas reconstructing terror tunnels using Israeli materials
Elior Levy
Published: 19.12.14, 09:28
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1. Sooner rather than later
Mr Psanter   (12.19.14)
we will have to deal with them seriously. And I mean seriously, not this two months summer joke.
2. But we've got "worlds greatest" army & Mossad, no?
3. Hamas subjecting Gaza to more pain
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.19.14)
With Gaza still in rubble, people homeless, businesses destroyed as a result of a war that HAMAS unilaterally started they are no...not rebuilding but preparing for the next round and expecting UNWRA and their new buddies in the EU to pick up the pieces - NO QUESTIONS ASKED So why the silence from the EU So why the silence from UNWRA So why the silence from the UN So why the silence from Peanut Brain Carter So why the silence from the US So why the silence from Abbas So why the silence from the Arab League They are witnessing criminals destroying Gaza and choose not only to do NOTHING but recognise them as a valid Political Party!
4. Hamas tunnels
steve ,   meitar israel   (12.19.14)
Hamas have learnt that the shield of the European Media will protect them against harsh Israeli reprisals; so they can continue at will. Thank the activity of the settlers for turning Israel into a pariah state and thank our PM for letting them do so. I wonder if he has read Josephus?
5. Hamas reconstructing terror tunnels
mat ,   uk   (12.19.14)
Israel should ask EU and all the others who want to vote for Palestinians state what do they say about building tunnels etc. If they answer could it be that they want a terror state right by Israel so they will terror Israel and finish her off g-d forbid let EU and others compere what Israel contributed to the world in medicine agriculture technology culture and many other things and then see what Palestinians and similar to them contributed to the world terror billions of dollars for security and most of all lives
6. With the blessings from the European Community
tiki ,   belgium   (12.19.14)
UNWRA also claimed it needs more money for the ''destroyed houses" were double as previous thought. and 5.4 billion is not enough. And what is Israel going to do with all this info? Send in more materials?
7. Why not? Israel even provided them w truckloads of material.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.19.14)
and what will they do with the millions of dollars they received from the UN and EU? They might as well put it to use.
8. #2 end
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.19.14)
Yes, but Israelis will still be killed in the process.
9. Tunnel building and rebuilding
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.19.14)
These are perfectly legitimate resistance activities by Hamas, also a legitimate resistance organization world-recognized as such, for the final Liberation of Palestine and removal of the Zionist political infection from the Middle East and world maps.
Steve Gure ,   coconut creek USA   (12.19.14)
No one should be surprised by this. Especially ithe Israelis. Hamas is sworn to destroy the Jewish state. They must be confronted and destroyed. BB failed misreably and for that he should be removed from office.
11. Even a kidgarden will now that what will be the result
Avram Goldsmith ,   Canada   (12.19.14)
TOTAL CRETINISM: everyone knows and what Israel is doing about it??? Still waitng from Obama approval after Europenian approval??? The political will imbold more Hamas and if they returning back as expected, again Issael will pay heavy price for allowing these criminals to be resoulte, because nothing else as their anhililation is a fisible solution.
12. I'm Shocked! Shocked!!
Stephen in New York   (12.19.14)
There will be no peace in Gaza so long as Hamas rules. I suggest establishing the Hamastani state in Sweden.
13. Graczek still fomenting from Maryland?
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (12.19.14)
Prove your Hamas-ite loyalty: take your crude political infection and go dig tunnels in Gaza.
14. Guess who gave the authorization?
Avi L.   (12.20.14)
Guess who gave the authorization? What's so strange that foreign politicians recognize this Palywood when our own politicians give Hamas what to build back tunnels and hold "talks" with the "Gaza ISIS"? Who was so blind to believe that Hamas wouldn't be back in business as soon as the bombs stopped falling? Everytime we fail to end Hamas' rule we allow it to adapt and get stronger and more dangerous. How more will it cost in terms of lives and money not to have ended Hamas existence in Gaza? Why our politicians refuse to see what egyptian rulers understood? Were Ben Gurion or Begin still alive they would kick a few people out of the government.
15. hezbolah
Don ,   uganda   (12.22.14)
groups just keep being driven by an unquenchable hatred-like puppets-and the devil just laughs at his handiwork
16. Israel needs a strategy for under-ground warfare
Johan Rune ,   Lidingö, Sweden   (12.23.14)
Israel needs a strategy for under-ground warfare. Objective should be that no tunnels will go into Israel. Perhaps also an offensive objective should be set, that Israel should dominate the under-ground under areas inhabited by palestinians.
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