Watch: VICE news accompanies IDF unit giving medical aid to Syrian rebels
Published: 19.12.14, 14:13
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1. Give us a break: we are helping Syrian 'rebels' (= that is DJIHAD =┬áISIS) to survive..?
yiftach   (12.19.14)
2. Is there someone who tells Bibi and Yaalon, that the "REBELS" are Djihad-terrorists first
first trying to murder the moderate SYRIA AND THAN Israel, our one and only homeland ! bibi your hate against Assad is that old and themendous, that you don't see and don't want to face the facts !! -- The same what U wanted to excercise with Iran-and bringing us in jeopardy and danger of existance and almost near to a big/ biggest war (remember your acting 2 years ago); time for you to quit politics and go home or to sightseeing to Poland or Chicago. It is necessary not only to know the Toire, but history and world-politics as well !
3. ISIS air force and field hospital service
Peter ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.14)
Nope. Israel is staying out of it all..
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