2016 hopeful Ben Carson pledges support for Israel
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Published: 20.12.14, 11:01
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1. Well, Dr.Carson, you go for it!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.20.14)
I'm married to a maxillofacial plastic surgeon. He has spent his life going to godforsaken hellholes on this planet, fixing facial deformities, only to be spat upon because he is a Jew. You have spent your life working to give children a life. Just like Ami. I hope you get a better reception. G-d bless you and all who sail in you.
2. Makes some sense .
Zechariah   (12.20.14)
Carson makes sense but the need is to mass Militirize the Holy Land in Defence and Deterrance . Close the Social Gap and give better economic and civil rightstoPeaceful Palestinians is also vital.There is not money for new settlements but Projects to protectJews Arabs and Internationals from an external enemy and Socioeconomic projects are needed .Eygpt ought be supported massively to allow Peaceful Palestinians in Gaza far more space and better living conditions .But the Jihadi have to be Crushed .
3.  #1 Sarah B.
Sagi   (12.20.14)
Ditto, ditto and ditto once again.
4. very promising
Brian ,   London   (12.20.14)
and will make a good balanced combination with Labour Hatnua leading a strong Centrist Coalition that does it's best to represent all parts of Israeli society (within reason). The only point I disagree with this man is his praise for Nethanyahu, who swings right and then centre and then further right again, in what appears to be his priority for remaining PM versus having any clear vision for the State of Israel. Obama has clearly been a disaster for the US, Israel and the western world and similarly Nethanyahu has created a stuck, insecure, frustrated and angry state of Israel.
5. Non-Jews support Israel.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.20.14)
At the same time the most fanatic among the religious Jews have the harshest of criticisms to spew. It's an irony, a great disappointment with the fanatics which we should not hide.
6. Dr Carson
FEMALE ,   Israel   (12.20.14)
I have been following Dr. Carson for a while now, I think he will be a great President of the USA.....
7. I would vote for him.... and definitely NOT for Clinton.....
Hallelu   (12.20.14)
She is bought and paid for with Arab Muslim oil money.
8. The before and the after
ggg   (12.20.14)
What politicians say before and what they do after are two different things. He wants the Jewish votes, but American Jews have traditionally - and unwisely - been Democrat supporters. The reality is that the Republicans have always been stronger supporters of this country in actions. Nevertheless, it's been several decades since the Americans voted for presidents wisely. They naively fall for the fake smiles, the brash boasting and the childish slogans. Whoever gets the job has a heck of a job ahead, cleaning up 8 years of Muslim infiltration into the State Department by Barack Hussain, and fixing the foreign relations mess he took America into.
9. Two words: moronic idiot!
EUgirl ,   EU   (12.20.14)
10. Ben Carson if elected will be the first true African American
Jerome ,   Basalt, colorado   (12.20.14)
to be the president of the U.S.! I will vote for him.
11. Dr Carson BRAVO on your assessment
Of the FACTS ON THE GROUND in Israel, as well as Stating the truth about Israel's so-called peace partners!!! To expand on your idea of Not giving up Conqured lands won in war, eygpt is one idea, however the best solution would be trans-jordan ( jordan), their population is the palastine, payed out in the Balfore Declaration, you should Push The Issue on Capital Hill and with the US Congress, shed light on the Facts!!! Good luck Dr Carson
12. to Sarah B
Marian ,   Romania   (12.20.14)
The best dentist in my life was Dr. Goldstein
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