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Lapid: Netanyahu did nothing to lower cost of living
Moran Azulay
Published: 21.12.14, 23:26
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1. With the new income from gaz/oil...
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.21.14)
.. any government in Israel will be capable to reduce housing cost and increase minimum wages. Which then will result in more activity in other areas and employment etc.
2. You're a fine one to talk.I'm glad you're out
Roland ,   london England   (12.21.14)
3. Before pointing fingers at others...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.21.14)
make sure your hands are clean.[proverb]
4. Reading&hearing all the various hopefuls smear dirt on each
other I arrive to the conclusion, that in the interim period before elections, all political parties should have gag order not to refer to each other and only be allowed to express THEIR OWN goals/promises/visions/bribes...whatever. Nothing of what they're saying about the past actions of this government can be trusted or believed in. The constant spin makes us dizzy and God knows there's enough speed on our merry- go- round as it is...
The Exit Door....
6. Lapid will lose many mandates
he was never qualified to be finance minister.
7. Supply & demand
Aharon   (12.22.14)
Most people want to live in the center because that's where all the jobs are. However, the center is one of the most densly populated places in the country with a shortage of housing, hence the high prices. Even building new buildings won't bring down prices enough since building is expensive. The answer is to build on cheaper land, away from the center. In order to make that successful one of two things need to happen: move the jobs or create the infrastructure to make transportation easy. The latter is far easier and more affordable in the long-run. That combined with new housing could entice people to move away from the center and lessen the housing costs. The housing costs aren't Israel's only problem regarding the cost of living, but there some of the biggest. Israel will also need to change its tax policy so that goods are cheaper to the local consumer. Also, Israel needs to reduce its subsidy for the haredim.
8. Here's a question of a calculation.
If taxes were raised 1% certain income brackets, how much income could be generation to build some nice apartments, as government housing, made affordable for those having the need, ability and desire to participate. If costs are too high for housing, which is even relative to income, then a government being responsible for their "sons and daughters" has to find the most cost effective measures to take, even if it means government housing. There may always be stipulations and rules to participate. Those can be made to ensure a positive future. It's always interesting to look at countries in the world and see which laws you can find that would closest represent your ideas of righteousness. You can look at countries ranging from Swaziland, China, the Islamic Republic of Iran to communities like Ramla, Israel, to Mea Sharim to Tokyo, Japan, to Amman (Philadelphia), Jordan. Jewish Scripture is filled with legal precedences and to see which one's Israel adheres to will be the determining factor. It's in Deuteronomy. We pray Israelis and Palestinians do their best to make all the good prophesies happen.
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