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Clinton: Rabin inspired trust even in Arafat
Bill Clinton
Published: 23.12.14, 00:15
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1. this story at this time
JDK ,   NYC U.S.A.   (12.23.14)
before elections, it is so obvious part of labor's election campaign.
2. This must be the joke of the year
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.23.14)
3. April's fools has arrived already?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.23.14)
4. Dragging skeletons from the closet, are we now "Buji"?!
5. Clinton cannot boast about selling out Jerusalem to Arafat.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (12.23.14)
6. show who your friends are and we'll tell you who you are
If the gangsters Clinton, Rabin and Arafat were inspired of each other, it tells us who this "great" Rabin was.
7. Michael Pielet - why Rabin inspired terrorist?
Remember Rabin had it in his blood. He never repented for the murder of the 17 or was it 19 Israeli soldiers he was behind.
8. Rabin believed Arafat's lies
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (12.23.14)
In those days we wanted to believe the lies of Arafat because we wanted to believe we could have peace with the Arabs. Today we are not so naive. We have see time and time again the Arabs lie and deceive, falsify and fabricate. When you want to believe it is easy to believe and convince others. Today, the reality is too stark for us, we see Rabin as a true believer, but we see Arafat as a true terrorist too.
9. Deal with "Evil Arafat" was wrong!
Benny ,   Iran   (12.23.14)
It was like U.S. signing with Hitler. It was wrong to push Israel into this bottomless pit of Arafat & his snakes. He was a murderer & butcher, just like Abbas who incited vs Israel & the Jewish people & always plotting vs Israel. They not only look like snakes, they are snakes!
10. Arafat was an arch terrorist and a thief
CJK   (12.23.14)
he murdered thousands of israelis. he stole monies given to his people.
11. I prefer stories about Alice in wonderland
Hillarious?   (12.23.14)
As #1 said this is all a lame attempt to influence the elections in Israel. However, one must keep in mind that we are not mindless moon bats, hillbillies or Knuckle heads, so it's a waste of breath.
12. Shocking Failure in Security Rabon great an but Part of the
Zechariah   (12.23.14)
Rabin was a Great man but got lax and refused a bullet proof vest. .no way you could Trust Arafat and the Islamic Mindset towards a Powerful independant Jewish State in the Islamic Midst .KowTowing Dhii OK as long as Jews Knew their place -Talented But Second Class Citizens .Not to be Warriors .Middle -Men Physicians Lawyers Market-Men even Wealthy ok but always subservient. .So Rabin was deluded .Did some bad things to the Arabs (expulsions in Inhumane ways and the Jews (The Atlena Incident).
13. a moving tribute
Rafi ,   US   (12.23.14)
The rapport built between Rabin, King Hussein, the Palestinians, and Egypt's Pres Mubarak was the closest Israel got to full peace with the Arab - and Muslim - world... Aside from hardliners in Iran and Syria, there was not a door in the Arab/ Muslim world that wasn't opening to Israel during that period (even Indonesia). Spin ahead to the petty, hack politicians who have "led" Israel since Rabin's murder.- and the predictable results... such as Israel's current low standing in the world overall. Those that torpedoed that the peace of the Rabin era were the ayatollahs of Iran, the Assads in Syria... AND the Jewish right-wing/ settler movement. So today we have mucho settlements - but near full distrust with the Palestinians, continual terror incidents, animus of the Arab/ Muslim world, and profound alienation of Europe and even Diaspora Jewish youth. Good trade off? for whom?
14. you lie, billy. depends on what is the meaning of sex, same
ralph   (12.23.14)
as that. is it.
15. Ah The Days of Wine and Roses
Albert Levy ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.23.14)
And 1k + dead from Oslo. Whats not said is whether Rabin trusted Arafat. Thanks Bill, when you were young you were a class A Liar who towered above his peers. Given a discount for old age and your hopes for your legacy, just a bit more "delusional" Shalom Chaver, and try not to meddle in this election, despite your affinity for the Jews.
16. Clinton Rabian inspired trustarafat
Leib ,   Us   (12.28.14)
Once a lier all ways a lier that is what the clintons are all about all ways liers
17. # 8 and both are dead.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.08.15)
Life moves on and so does the war on Muslim terrorists be they the original poster boys for terror the pals or, their graduates, ISIS. LONG LIVE ISRAEL !!! KEEP BUILDING !!!
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