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Israeli buys 1,300 monkeys, saving them from harsh fate
Amir Shuan
Published: 23.12.14, 21:57
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1. 2 Million Dollars can feed a lot of people !!!
naftulee ,   jerusalem   (12.24.14)
Talk about priorities
2. Hey hey we're the monkeys
Beno   (12.24.14)
We're the "Y" generation, and we've got nothing to say....
3. Elephants and monkeys
Ronda ,   USA   (12.24.14)
University of Washington regents just voted to double the size of animal labs on campus despite numerous violations resulting in fines for failure to follow federal guidelines. And while the Seattle Zoo has finally been forced to admit its mistreatment of 2 wonderful Asian elephants, it voted to send them to another zoo despite multiple offers from sanctuaries and public protests. Its the flow of money to these institutions for research and experiments that has to change.
4. 2 Million Dollars can educate more people like you!
Mee ,   Manila, Philippines   (01.12.15)
People can fend for themselves- we all have sound decisions, the ability to look out after ourselves, and the ability to reason out and not be experimented on. These monkeys have no one else to turn to but us human beings! Their lives matter; all lives matter! And if I had an extra 2 million dollars, I'd also spend it in educating people like you.
5. Monkeys
Alissa Nixon ,   Negley, ohio   (01.12.15)
In a perfect world everyone would think like u!! Made my evening reading your story!
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