Hamas rejects Palestinian UN resolution
Published: 23.12.14, 17:56
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Brant ,   Hilton Head USA   (12.23.14)
Once again, the time, the money, the diminishing value of the UN will be used and wasted by the Palestinians who can't even get their internal wrangling set aside. They will submit an unfulfillable resolution that will be vetoed.Then, the angrier and holier than thou, Abbas, the "peace partner" that never was, will cut off relations with Israel and count on his poodles and puppets in the EU and the BDS movement to keep on blaming Israel while, one more time, the Arabs of former mandatory Palestine will lose their opportunity for a State and the Arab League will keep fighting the Jews to the last Palestinian. Maybe this horrible waste of time and energy will convince enough countries to stop indulging this crap and start demanding some sanity from the PA, the PLO, Hamas, IJ and whatever else makes us the so-called Government of "Palestine".
2. of course hamas rejects.....
oded ,   usa   (12.23.14)
hamas and the other so -called "palestinians", will not cease their efforts ,by any means possible, to eradicate the zionist entity. it's in thier charters, i and in their DNA. the lunatic "peace camp", headed by buzzi the silenced one ,and zipi, who flies from one party or another, will be a wet dream come true to the "palestinians."
3. Abbas smoking too much hashish
Shep ,   Memphis   (12.23.14)
4. The only consensus the Balestinians agree upon is:kill Jews!
5. not surprising, palestinians don't really want a state
6. The West+Left can stop pretending Pals don't want ROR
Sam ,   Canada   (12.23.14)
It doesn't make a difference what Israel offers because Palestinians don't want a Jewish Israel. The West and the Left wait for Israel to soften up the Palestinians with free concessions and great offers. Palestinians think they have the winning hand for 2 Palestinian states and that's what they want. With their attitude they won't get one.
7. Nothing else is like "arab reconciliation"
Arnold ,   Montreal   (12.23.14)
Hamas and the PA say they wanted to reconcile with one another because after all they all think alike. Yeah sure !
8. Hamas rejects........?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.24.14)
Another Hamas Joke? More like Hamas ARE rejects No moral, intellectual democratic authority Just a bunch of criminals OUT FOR THEMSELVES at the expense of Gaza Altogether now.. Springtime in Gaza....
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