Opinion  Sever Plocker
Is there a way out of US-Israel crisis?
Sever Plocker
Published: 29.12.14, 00:07
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1. Before Six Day War Worlddid Nothing .
Zechariah   (12.29.14)
Even after 100000 Russian Backed Egyptian Troops were Mobilized on the Negev Border in the Sinai and the Straits of Tiran Blockade Therewere no allies for Israel .Eshkol a SuperDove and Eban Likewise attempted Diplomacy but Post Holocaust Fear and the Blood Curdlingcries from the ArabMasses :Kill the Jews .Is it Forgotten Now ? -Forced The Jews to React .In that time the Arabs in East Jerusalem were hysterical with blood lust a mass hysteria like Nuremberg in Nazi Times . So the Jewswill Prepare in a Catastrophic Way if Security imperilled .Huge Verification involving hundreds of Thousands of Crack Troops Majority IDF or Jewish will be Required to neutralise the Jihadi Califate andFatah Ba'ath Torturers for Centuries .
2. i would add...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.29.14)
Nations don't have allies... they have interests. - Meir Kahane Until the United States, the Israeli government, and world Jewry understand that the creation of a Palestinian state beside the State of Israel is a mutually exclusive condition, there will always be a "US-Israel" crisis. Just as there always has been. The Palestinians, to their credit, understand this. Indeed, it is their raison d'être; the establishment of a Palestinian State will likely lead to the long-term obviation of a Jewish state in the Middle East. If the US was serious about supporting New Palestine they could cut off aid to Israel tomorrow. Unless Hashem breathes fire or the vaunted Messiah comes, Israel would wither on the vine like a biblical metaphor. In this reader's opinion, American foreign policy vis à vis the Levant, has, for the better part of the last 70 years, involved a large degree of philanthropic naïveté directed at both parties. Israel gets just enough aid to sustain and defend against its enemies but a coterie of Arab states receives enough aid and support to sustain and perpetuate a low key war against Israel. The status quo is maintained: Holocaust guilt is assuaged, the Arabs more or less align with American interests (never mind 9-11 and all that hyperbolic ranting about "Jihad") and perhaps most importantly, the oil keeps flowing. My concern is that since the Clinton administration, America has taken a fundamental shift from a center-right leaning outlook to one that is center-left. Bush Jr., was in my opinion, an outlier, narrowly elected and sustained by what was an outlier of an event: 9-11. With the perception of a common threat greatly diminished Americans would have appeared to have endorsed the Left's wet dream of a candidate... a bi-racial, ostensibly intelligent, academic, prodigy of the Ivy League who endorses and exemplifies the Leftist agenda of the late 60's and 70's. Mr. Obama, who among other things, has exhibited gross incompetence in the area of force projection and geo-strategic thinking, is pretty much free now to put emplace his policies as drawn from the Leftist codex of post-modern revisionism... Cuba has been oppressed by US foreign policy, the Iranians are angry because of US colonialism and support for the Shah, a reset with Russia because Bush didn't know what he was doing (whoops, maybe Bush did know), etc, so on, quack quack, woof woof. If you want to see a nightmare team on foreign policy, look no further than Team Obama with Susan Rice at the controls. She's more powerful than the SECDEF. Good lord, what have we done? Actually, I didn't do it. I never voted for Mr. Obama. I can thank my liberal Jewish friends for that. If I were the State of Israel, I'd be buddying up real hard to India, China, and possibly Russia. The strategic US/Israel relationship may be nearing its historic end.
3. "wide security margins"
CJK   (12.29.14)
as long as obama is president, the security margins will decrease. the entire middle east has been turned into an unstable state of anarchy. islamic terrorism has caused the deaths of countless civilians. isis will not be stopped without serious military intervention. obama's retreat from the region has enabled all enemies to fill the vacuum. obama's support for the muslim brotherhood and for the so called arab spring has also much contributed to this situation. obama's capitulation deal with iran is very worrisome. a nuclear iran, even if it happens a few years from now, will turn the terror state into a nuclear terror state. such a state would permanently reduce us security margins.
4. Bibi, The Violator?! Really? Obama...The Noble One?
5. A non balanced, biased Anti Netanyahu report.
Roland ,   london England   (12.29.14)
6. Mr. Pocker forgets Geo Bush
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.14)
George Bush II decided to push the hell out of Israel to make peace and he made it very uncomfortable for us. Then 9-11 happened and we suddenly became his best ally. It is now happening again. Mr. Obama decided to push Israel to give everything to the Pals. Then came ISIS which is changing the world's view of Muslims and also Mr. Obama's view of Israel.
7. The answer is YES
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (12.29.14)
Wait until Barack "The One" has left office.
8. There is a very easy way
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.29.14)
9. There is no crisis
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.29.14)
Don't judge the United States of America on the basis of a rogue president who does not appear to understand that he works for the people of the United States. The American people strongly back Israel -- the polls are quite clear -- and Obama is going to go down in history as the worst American president, ever. The polls are quite clear about that, too. The American people are not interested in a rapprochement with Iran or, for that matter, Cuba. The American people are also not interested in throwing loyal allies under the bus or in a president with a very clear private agenda that is demonstrably different from the wishes of the people of the United States. In the long run, it does not matter. The new Congress will get sworn in on Tuesday, January 6. Obama is considerably closer to impeachment than he realizes.
10. Leftist Garbage Article
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (12.29.14)
There is no crisis in US/Israeli relations. Obama will be gone in two years. Right now a Republican congress can defund the UN and PA in reprisal for any anti-Israel moves taken by the Obama administration. Israel can wait Obama out.
11. Midterm elections prove Americans reject Obama
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.30.14)
The recent midterm elections prove conclusively that most Americans reject Obama and what he stands for. This article is leftist garbage.
12. Sarah, you still pushing that forlorn hope?
Cameron ,   USA   (12.30.14)
After all this time? For real?
13. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.30.14)
Check out the makeup of the new Congress. Do you really think Americans want rapprochement with Iran? Or Cuba? Obama doesn't care -- he's determined to leave his mark in American history. He doesn't have to worry about taking an important swing state such as Florida. The Cubans who fled Castro are, after all, the most vocal opponents of rapprochement. In the event you hadn't noticed.
14. logic
sonia   (12.30.14)
you can reverse your vehicle but you cant vanishe the history so better to go forword by a new system
15. #13 Sarah
JS ,   USA   (12.31.14)
The one thing no one can fail to notice is that you have been saying the same thing over and over for years, and it hasn't happened.
16. #13
Cameron ,   USA   (12.31.14)
noticed? Certainly noticed a differing over the Cuba move between the older generation in Miami and those coming up. Be honest......you've noted that as well.
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