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Nazi hunters condemn Mass for WWII Croatia leader
Published: 31.12.14, 00:47
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1. It's not your business ,...
split   (12.31.14)
Stop meddling in other's affairs ,... At the time everything was better than Stalin's bloody goons taking over their country like they did in Russia, Latvia, Ukraine or tried in Hungary, Bavaria or Spain ,... For Croatians he was a freedom fighter and hero ,...
2. Efraim Zuroff's got a nice gig there.
Peter ,   Jerusalem   (12.31.14)
As head of the Simon Wiesenthal center all he needs to do is to protest, complain and ask for reparations once a month to justify his high salary. The man is a hero.
3. Nazi churches
Zechariah   (11.02.15)
Just as some in Islam have mutated to forms of nazism and Honor the WW2 Grand Mufti El Husseini so in Christianity Genocidal Torturers mock Humanity . The Nazis killed a Catholic later Sainted because she was born a Jewess .
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