Hannibal Directive: Exclusive tapes reveal details of IDF's Black Friday
Yoav Zitun
Published: 31.12.14, 09:21
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1. hannibal article
richard sherwin ,   herzliyah israel   (12.31.14)
i think this shouldnt have been printed -- neither the speculations which amount to speculation without evidence, nor the photos and identifications of unit of the officers. Why are you printing such information (photos, units, etc.) and such incitement to public denigration of our soldiers and their more than proper behavior?
2. Close the case, stop investigation !!
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.31.14)
We know the IDF is doing the most to save lifes during defensive wars. There might be some incidents which goes wrong, but as a summary, the positive side by IDF without questions cover up for mishaps. A relevant question could be: Is the Chief Military Prosecutor's office manned with leftists ?? .
3. to #1
jo moor   (12.31.14)
Agree 100%. War is war. Hannibal directive is there for a reason. The civilians should have fled the scene and not hung around "to watch the movie"
4. Good lesson
US citizen ,   US   (12.31.14)
if you take one of ours you are in extreme jeopardy. Real easy for humans who have never suffered greatly to consider death worse than the torture they would be subjected to but it is better for one to die than to provide info that will get more killed.
5. So whereas commanders had seconds/minutes to make decisions
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.31.14)
... investigators have months to pour over all available facts to determine if they made the "wrong" decision and might thus be held legally accountable. What's wrong with this picture?
6. In short: the IDF deliberately killed its own soldier
Ari ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.14)
Every parent who sends his son or daughter to serve must be aware that the IDF's policy may be to kill its own soldiers if captured.
7. Investigation
Steve Gure ,   Coconut Creek USA   (12.31.14)
Has Israel gone completely crazy? Is politically correctness the only standard? The fact of the matter is that the IDF didi everything necessary to find the missing soldier. I do not care if they had to kill every nnocenti investigationnnocent Palestinian which they encountered. There are no innocent Palestinians in Gaza Stop this investigation immediately and start protecting the Israelis.
8. "Purity of Arms"
James USA   (12.31.14)
israel has along history of turning a blind eye to idf war crimes. One of infamous is Kafr Qasem massacre On October 29, 1956, at 3:30 PM IDF declared a curfew, anyone out after 5:00 PM to be shot. Unfortunately is you were an Arab out of village at work or in fields you didn't get the message. As the buses and truck began returning, the idf murder 47 after they disembarked. The soldiers involved in the incident were sentenced to lengthy prison terms, but ALL received pardons. The brigade commander was sentenced to pay the symbolic fine of 10 prutot (old Israeli cents). Doesn't the torah command "kill them all, old, women, children and beasts"
9. IDF deserve the rest of the heros
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.31.14)
Leave them alone !
10.  Hannibal Directive: Exclusive tapes reveal details of IDF's
Ex Golani   (01.01.15)
I fully agree that a formal Inquiry should take place, not to punish anybody but to learn the combat lessons from this incident, in order to reduce the likelihood of a repeat occurrence of any mistakes in the future. This was an improvised combat rescue operation under fire to locate and possibly rescue or save from potential abuse a soldier that had been captured by a non state organisation that does not adhere to to the accepted norms of war when dealing with prisoners. With regards to enemy civilians killed, there was bound to be an increase in accidental casualties due to the improvised nature of the operation within a closed urban environment. I read here comments that are just so much rubbish, being written by fools that have never been in combat, and have no idea how they would behave in this scenario, given the operational needs and the prevailing combat situation at the time of the incident and the operation. The recording clearly shows IDF commanders trying to control and limit the amount of fire support during the operation. Nevertheless the an assault in any urban environment will necessitate close support by Armour and Artillery, so as to reduce casualties among the assault troops. If anyone thinks that the lives of the troops are less precious than the lives of the civil enemy population then they idiots.
11. Money for Settlements and Moguls ought go to army
Zechariah   (01.06.15)
It seems Army structure is not at Precision With Reservists Undertrained and under equipped .Like the Old armed Personel
Joe ,   Israel   (01.12.15)
Unless the IDF deliberately leaked the tapes, Ynet news should be asked to explain before a judge, how it obtained tapes made during a military campaign, especially if the IDF is considering prosecuting soldiers.
13. better this than fall into Hezballah hands
Avi L.   (01.14.15)
better this than fall into Hezballah , ISIS or Hamas hands
14. Hannibal
yigal ,   north   (01.18.15)
The officers deserve a medal not court. They acted valiantly.Unless you've been under similar circumstances, anyone criticizing Is merely expressing wishful thinking.This was a battle field not a video game.
15. Seems Israelis would commit genocide to prevent capture
of a soldier. The moral toll of half a century of occupation.
16. Let soldiers choose
Avi L.   (02.06.15)
Let soldiers choose between being tortured for days or weeks and die or bypassing the torture and die quickly, if not instantly. They are two horrible alternatives, but one is still the less horrible. Who knows what happened to poor Ron Arad? What would he have chosen?
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