Behind the UN vote: How the Palestinian bid was defeated
Itamar Eichner
Published: 31.12.14, 14:39
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1. US Moves Capital to Tel Aviv
Yitzak Shmoolman ,   Italy   (12.31.14)
It would appear that Israel dictates US foreign policy. Iraq is a prime example of just how misguided and tragic that policy is.
2. Palestinian vote
greg ,   Bay county   (12.31.14)
Once again, I am profoundly disturbed by the actions of the U.S. Government and the country that I served for. Again, we display the amount of control the Israeli Lobby has over our U.S. politics. The weakness of our political leaders to do what is right. All for what? What is more important than every man's freedom. Disgusting, human beings, our politicians, led by wealth from the Israeli Lobby group.
3. Good On Ya, Mate! Thank You Australia
emanon ,   USA   (12.31.14)
The only other nation with the guts to stand alongside the US and say "No" to another country sponsoring terrorism.
4. to #1, Yitzak Shmoolman, huh?
David ,   Boston, USA   (12.31.14)
Israel doesnt dictate foreign policy, however, Israel and US have alot of common interests and bonds at the populous level as well as government. There is tremendous support for Israel amongst Americans, with the exception of the radical left wing. As for Iraq, that makes no sense what you said. Israel wasnt concerned with Iraq, but with Iran. Bush and Cheney decided to go after Hussein. I think it was more about oil. Maybe more of what the Arab states wanted, not Israel, so your logic makes zero sense.
5. to Greg #2
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (12.31.14)
You have evidently invested enormous emotional content in your comment, but your perspective is skewed to say the least. The Arab Oil lobby is far wealthier and more potent than the Israel lobby. The US does see a problem with Iranian rockets adjacent to Tel-Aviv B-G airport and radical terrorist Muslim armies flush up against the entire eastern length of Israel. So while you are profoundly disturbed that the Jews didn't get shafted we in Israel are quite relieved.
6. to #2
daniela ,   panama   (12.31.14)
Greg, I am pleased to see you that defending every man's freedom. I suppose that you in the same tone, you oppose every arab country that suppress it. Be it freedom of religion ( please tell me if in Saudi Arabia there is a church), freedom of speech ( lacking in most muslim countries), etc.. etc.. etc.. Maybe the US support Israel not only because its Israeli lobby, but because our similar values, as are all the freedoms the State of Israel provides to its citizens and visitors.. The day your politians will be as weak as you think they are, will be the day you will see in the White House a black flag of Isis or an nuclear Iran. Meanwhile.. be happy that you have an Israeli Lobby in the US
7. To: Facebook Mark Appel
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.31.14)
You do not understand. Israel holds the ultimate veto. Israel will annex Judea and Samaria and immediately order the deportation of all Arab squatters therein to Gaza. No one can stop us. Unless you wish to see the immediate end to life on planet Earth, no one will. Did you think we will go gently into that good night? If we go, so does everyone else. No one is going to ever usher the Jewish people into the twenty-first century equivalent of gas chambers again. Matarat Shimson. The Samson Solution. It's actually Israel's doomsday option. Try and force us -- militarily or otherwise -- to do something that imperils us existentially, we WILL pull down the temple walls. We will unleash our significant and highly accurate nuclear arsenal and take most of the world with us, and render whatever is left uninhabitable for the next one hundred thousand years. Only extremely stupid people question our resolve. Does that include you?
8. #2greg the U.S. did do what is right!
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (12.31.14)
They didn't do what you wanted them to.
9. France-same old rats as in the past
rayS ,   NH, USA   (12.31.14)
Old timers (like me at 90) have no problem remembering how France not only caved to the Nazis ,but helped them round up the Jews And ship them to their deaths. They were disgusting and remain so.
10. Never more ashamed on my country. The one
American Veteran ,   USA   (12.31.14)
owned by the jewish lobby. There should be a vote on israelis legitimacy. The 1948 Partition was NEVER approved by the Security Council.
11. boycott argentina, chili, france and lux
me ,   somecountry   (12.31.14)
Its worth show to those countries voted for this resolution that their hostile actions have consequences to them.
12.  greg # 2
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (12.31.14)
Did you ever stop to think that the US knows "what is right".
13. Arab Oil countries do not try to use oil money?
aaron ,   florida usa   (12.31.14)
I guess it never should suprise us when we read comments against Jews blaming them for using money to influence an event while completely ignoring oil rich Arab countries doing much more with their wealth. It kind of reminds us of a culture that always blames everyone for their misfortune except who really is to blame they themselves.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.31.14)
15. Think About Those Five Abstaining Votes
emanon ,   USA   (12.31.14)
If one more had voted "Yes" it would have been disaster for Israel. If more had voted "No", the message against terrorism would have been stronger. The UK is scared whitless, maybe even brainless, about all those radical arabs in their country and yet they could not stand against all that by saying "No" to terrorism.
16. To avoid a defeat next time Israel must push for peace.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.31.14)
The world expects it and the small amount of credit Israel received must be exploited quickly. If not, Israel will lose b'gadol next time and this will include losing the US and Australia vote also. But overall, it is good the debate is in the UN and not on a battlefield.
17. Analysis is flawed
Roman Furberg ,   Bellingham USA   (12.31.14)
While I am happy that the resolution failed, the result do not show a clear message from the international community to the Palestinians to not use tricks. If more nations would have voted NO or abstained resulting in less than 5 yes votes; that would have been a clear message.
18. Never was a palestine and thank G-d NEVER will be
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.01.15)
the pals have Gaza and Jordan best they leave Israel if not, soon, they'll all be repatriated. Abbas is like the kid who keeps pounding his head agains the brick wall for when he stops, it feels so good. He's still an idiot.
19. # 10 Your no American Veteran
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.01.15)
most of them hate Muslims and obama. Your shame is our pride.. LOVE BUILDING JEWISH SIRAEL !!!
20. # 17 A wins a win.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.01.15)
The pals are tricks in the most base way possible, they're liars, terrorists and would be thieves. Today, that got another NO which is well deserved.
21. Israeli Lobby
jonathan ,   NY USA   (01.01.15)
From anyone that opposes Israel there always seems to be an excuse of why the USA voted on Israel's side. First excuse the Israel lobby, 2nd excuse money, 3rd the press. Just maybe it is in the interest of the USA to support Israel. Believe me it would be easy for the Obama administration to vote the other way especially by all the names he gets called by many pro Israel supporters. President Obama has proved time and time again that he is a very good friend of Israel because Israel matters in this world
22. UN Vote for Plaestinian state failed
Dalit ,   san jose, US   (01.01.15)
So, Nigeria with its little Boko haram problem caved in to pressure from the US. One wonders what the stick was: fewer Boko Haram kidnappings or a few dollars more? as for this article it gets it all wrong. The support for Palestinian state is increasing by leaps and bounds acrss the world. Just because Israel doesn't like it does not mean that the campaign for human rights by Palestine will stop. Quite the contrary. hardly anyone in the world stands for the ethnic cleansers of israel except those bought and sold to the highest bidder (yes, that's the US congress).
23. Islamic France
UN are controlled by Islam. Islam & Muslims have 52 countries against one JEWISH country. What chance Israel have ? None. UN are biased, corrupt, unfair, and JEW haters, with the blessing of most European and South American countries. These Jew haters will get their share from Islam in the future.
25. proud To Be A Nigerian
charles Emelogu ,   lagos Nigeria   (01.01.15)
I have never been more proud of Nigeria. We chose for the first time to stand with the truth and the just situation. The truth is that Israel can never treat the Palestinians wickedly and unjustly. But the Palestinians live in perpetual hatred bourne out of jealousy. Yet Israel supplies water, electricity, protection, finance and so on to those who hate them. Nigeria will no more play into evil and wicked emotions that the Palestinians cook up. It is only fake.
26. Comment re no.10
CO.s.Meod. ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.01.15)
Correct - therefore the countries which attacked the newly and legitimately declared State of Israel in between the vote in No 1947 and its declaration in May 1948, we in flagrant breach of the UN principles and the charter to which they agreed. Consequently, by yours, and all the other 'general consensus arguments' the area which became Israel even after 1967, was legitimately acquired.
27. I have a practcal question
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (01.01.15)
Now that Israelis are gloating and filled with pride at once again crushing the Palestinians, what has Israel really accomplished? Abbas and Arafat have had nothing but failure for the last 30+ years. The USA and Israel have successfully dehumanized the Palestinians in particular and the Arabs in general, leaving them with no hope for the future. The Palestinians have nothing left to lose, so how will that make Israel "safer?" As noted in the Bible, Pride goes before the fall. How badly will Israel fall after the Palestinians rise up in anger? This will come back to bite Israel badly.
28. #25 charles - thank you
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.01.15)
Your country HAS done something you should be proud of.
29. #27 spyguy - wrong again
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.01.15)
Your post ignores reality (as usual). The arabs want nothing except to destroy Israel. Israel is surviving (much to your chagrin). It would be better if the arabs would have some pride but the price is the destruction of Israel, something you also would like to see. As long as this remains the goal of the arabs they should be grateful they are alive and not wiped off the map, as any other country would have done.
30. #10 american
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.01.15)
Partition was approved by the League of Nations in 1922. The UN accepted all decisions by the League. The Security Council had no mandate to vote on the matter. Not all things have to be voted on by the Security Council (even events you disagree with). The League of Nations did not create Israel. Jews created Israel in reaction to the arab invasion due to their disagreement with the League of Nations and the Jews. They lost. As a veteran, you should recognize that their losing over and over again is an "end of story".
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