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2014 a record breaking year for aliyah
Omri Efraim
Published: 31.12.14, 23:16
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1. Israel's gain ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.01.15)
... and everyone else's loss. Brachim ha'beita, chaverim. Boi, tikansu.
2. To Heath Smith..
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.01.15)
.. -I would suggest sunni-islamic-cult-followers would feel nice in an islamic-sunny-country.. -Then the shia-islamic-cult-followers would feel better in a shia-country Don't you think so?? After all the islamic-cult-leaders say islam is a peaceful ideology / cult., so why don't the non-Jewish refugees go to those countries?? Or, did you not know, the refugee - situations are the main way for islam to be spread to peaceful-civilized countries in the west?? Do you NOT agree those Islamic countries should start to import their own refugees?? which the peaceful ideology has created?? Or do you agree that members of the Islamic cult have a better way of living in non-Islamic countries? Then tell me why !
3. Israel
Ediuard ,   Montreal canada   (01.01.15)
I love Canada and I'll be eternally great full but soon I'll spend few month of the year in israel No BETER place then israel Can't wait to be back
Edy Burak ,   miami , USA   (01.01.15)
jews from France,Turkey , argentina(TRUCHOLANDIA),Venezuela should make aliya ASAP.- life is more important than wealth !!!!
Paladin ,   HERNANDO, MS, USA   (01.01.15)
This is wonderful news for my 2nd most favorite country.
6. Beware
David ,   New England   (01.01.15)
It appears that your Supreme Court ignores the laws in the same manner that Obama creates his own laws in the US. The law prohibits anti-Zionist parties from running for Knesset. Justices Aharon Barak and Mishael Cheshin ruled in separate instances that the openly anti-Zionist Balad party could run. In September, the court ruled on another petition brought before it by radical left-wing NGOs funded by the EU and other foreigners. In its decision to strike down the “Infiltrators Law” amendment to the 1954 Prevention of Infiltration Law, and order the closure of the state’s holding facilities for illegal aliens from Africa, the court denied the people’s elected representatives the power to determine Israel’s immigration policies.
7. aiyla
mary ann chalmers ,   usa   (01.02.15)
He will bring His children from north, south, east and west - How great is our G-d
8. :-) welcome to the Jewish capital city ,Jerusalem
Joya ,   Israel   (01.02.15)
...bienvenue Alors ecoute bien, ce n'est pas Paris, so? parlez hebreu
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