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Inside radical right-wing group Lehava
Liat Bar-Stav
Published: 03.01.15, 15:52
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1. Remember Jews for JC?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.03.15)
It sounds like them abit. They were basically Jews who had a lot of hate inside of themselves. But crazy as they were, they were not illegal and had their conventions. I think Lehava is not much different and should be allowed to act with out the government worrying what the gentiles think of us, that is, as long as they do not engage in violence.
2. It isn't the activities and beliefs
paulD ,   Jerusalem, ISrael   (01.03.15)
of Lehava that is a threat to democracy, but the slander and oppression of those in power who made it illegal to be a proud Jew. Look what they did to Kahane, Arutz Sheva, now Lehava. They are following in the footsteps of Rabin who killed members of the Irgun.
3. Lehava group is not more radical than TelAvivian leftists
Get your priorities ,   straight   (01.03.15)
4. israelDanIsrael must not tolerate fascist racist thugs
Dan   (01.04.15)
Kahane was banned. So should Lehava be.
5. Lehava" is a terrorosts organization
David Heartman   (01.04.15)
Lehava" is a radical far right religious terrorist organization and all its members should be arrested as they are a danger to the public. They do not represent the views of the Israeli public and neither do they represent jewdism. They were not appointed "thought police" and have no right what so ever to act this way,. Its just a matter of time before they kill someone. Start by arresting its leaders as we know those brainless sheep they have managed to brain wash will be even more mentally challenged than they are now.
6. #3 Lehava and Leftists
Like it or not, Lehava has rescued tens of women who were in abusive relationships were they were beaten, raped and separated from their children. Show me a TelAvivian Leftist who saved a can't, they just talk.
7. poorly translated from Hebrew to English
this item is a shadow of the article that was published in Hebrew at the end of last year.
8. Lahava consists of concerned Jews
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (01.04.15)
who care about other Jews.I am sure that in another 20 years it will get a medal for protecting Jews.I mean when the power will be in Jewish hands.
9. Tacit Govt Approval of Israeli Jew Klux Klan Vigilantism
Israeli-American Jew ,   Israel   (01.04.15)
like Yad L'achim
10. #5 go to the police
The police arrested many Lehava members and hasn't found any evidence of "terrorist" activity, even after intensive interrogation without lawyers. If you have evidence, why not send it to the police? Or are you just inventing false accusations?
11. Great job!
Economist ,   Be'er Sheba Israel   (01.11.15)
Now use your undercover skills and give us all an inside look at groups like Balad, Shalom Achshav, New Israel Fund, and the Peres Peace Center.
12. I feel for Gopstein's daugthers.
Yossi ,   Jerusalem   (04.23.15)
It must be terrible to grow up knowing your dad believes he has the right to harass women who refuse to marry the one he chose for them. I hope they can escape.
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