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International musicians invest in Israeli app
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 04.01.15, 21:42
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1. Still some of them will boycott performing here?!
2. why would Ynet make a headline out of this?
k ,   US   (01.05.15)
unless they are hoping the anti-Israel terrorists are successful in intimidating those who are investing in this and they are going to not invest it any longer
3. Kol Ha Kavod to ISRAEL!
Sammy ,   UK   (01.06.15)
This is great news for Israel and music. I downloaded the app love it but really proud that these amazing musicians invested in an Israeli company
4. Israel always shines in Tech!
danna ,   new york   (01.17.15)
really cool that all these people invested in a small israeli startup just downloaded the app and seems really nice
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