Opinion  Guy Bechor
The Arab oil era is over
Guy Bechor
Published: 05.01.15, 00:05
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1. Crazy Optimism
Zechariah   (01.05.15)
This will breed more hate and dire trouble for Israel. Desperation leads to mega --psychosis so we are in ultra dangerous time were real care is required.The Holy Land is in more peril and has to megaprepare .Russia is so dangerous and cannot be driven into humiliation .So to Islam which will become ultrasuicidal unless propped up .Both Russia with Bolshevism and Germany with Nazism reveal the historical horrors and with nukes Armageddon is closer.
2. not exactly
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.05.15)
The Americans possess the ability to become the world's largest oil producer but getting the oil is very expensive. For the Saudis, it is very cheap. So by the Saudis lowering their prices it makes it not profitable for the Americans to extract their oil. and at the same time, the Saudis are able to screw their enemies, the Iranians and Russians. while they suffer very little. For the Saudis, it is a win win situation. see the horoscope at: http://www.jewishmag.com/189mag/horoscope_2015/horoscope_2015.htm
3. Israeli inventiveness vs oil - no mirage but will take time!
bob k ,   orlando fl us   (01.05.15)
Good news which we have seen coming to some extent for years as the high unemployment in Saudi Arabia for the under 30 groups is about 25% of more. Same in Egypt which has 80m + population while S. Arabia has about 8 plus may 10-12m foreign workers who do the low-level 'dirty work'. Maybe they will be sent home and Saudis put to work - probably not. Saudi Arabia has already begun building or planning to build a technical university to develop to offer a more sustainable future to the next generation. As for Israel, we just keep getting better and better despite all our enemies in the Moslem world and in Europe. Jews value education, scientific inquiry and inventiveness - all keys to success. Kol Ha'Kavod l'Yisrael!
4. very good interesting article !!! cheers Israel
guillermo ,   kfar saba israel   (01.05.15)
5. Another bragging rant by Bechor
split ,   US   (01.05.15)
Not one Israeli or Israeli company among "top 100 global innovators", google and check it. "Israel, startup nation? not anymore" says Google study. Oops there goes your innovative BS. To survive this 'innovative' giant turned to biggest importer of handouts, google ("Israel is biggest importer of philanthropy") says another study ,... To add insult to injury your future doesn't look much better; according to Pearson's Global Index of Cognitive Skills and Educational Attainment 2013 report (that's a total score of PISA, TIMSS and PIRLS in Reading, Maths and Science) where out of 39 tested countries Israel comes 29th, not a pretty picture either ,... but keep bragging ;) ,... By the way, who will invest in Israeli gas fields infrastructure looking at what's happening on today's global market? ,...
6. Nigeria is a big oil exporter
A   (01.05.15)
Nigeria's economy will suffer a lot because of the low oil prices. Iran has a diverse economy (for example, Iran is a big cars manufacturer). The Iranian economy will not collapse easily. Brazil deep sea oil drilling could become non commercial. The big winners will be the US and East Asian countries who suffer from severe energy independence. Israel will benefit too.
7. Wishful but incorrect
Vb   (01.05.15)
Wishful, but I'll informed article. U.S. consume today 18 m barrels per day, so production of 12 m will not cut a dependency from large oil exporter.
8. Islamic nations
Santa Clara, CA, US   (01.05.15)
Islamic nations cannot be influencers and leaders...never has happened in world history and will never happen. If not for oil they'd all be 3rd world...most already are. Why? Read what God declared.
9. This article is truly appalling
SAM ,   ME   (01.05.15)
Missed very important facts: - Saudis breakeven is in the thirties dollars. Shale is expensive to extract they will never be able to compete ... - Qatar exports gas and not oil...missed that completely - Europe is failing!!!?? Sorry this article is poorly researched...
10. Its True
shaji ,   india   (01.05.15)
The biblical prophecies are unraveling.
11. Oil age
Andy ,   Canada   (01.05.15)
Larry is right. The US produces 11 million bbls/day and consumes 19 million/day. Shale is expensive and the deposits are relatively small, so American and Canadian companies are drilling often and fracking a lot. Some of the oil that US can export is Canadian oil piped down from the Oil Sands. Some is refined in the Gulf area and sent to other countries as gasoline etc. Still, it is a hopeful sign for all that the relative power and influence of the totalitarian terror regimes is waning.
12. oil
elan avinir ,   jhb sout africa   (01.05.15)
only problem with that view is that the USA is depended on franking technologies for extracting oil and it is not sustainable with low oil prices so it looks impossible for them to be oil independent for long
13. Princess Israel
Al Quds ,   Al Quds   (01.05.15)
You really made me laugh, princess Israel lol
14. Massive delsuion
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (01.05.15)
The author is way out of touch with the real world in many ways - economically cheap oil is very disruptive to the social structures of the ME, so cheap oil will lead to massive danger for Israel because once the starving masses get rid of the current corrupt leaders they will be looking to settle old scores (Israel), except NOW they have all the modern weapons they need to defeat the IDF. As far as technology, Israel is a very very, very long distance behind the USA, Europe and Asia.. In one year, China adds engineers equal to 10% of the total population of Israel. Not only that but Intellectual property is easy to steal, which China does on a regular basis. Israeli firms can scream all they want at the world when Chinese companies copy them, but they will find little help. In reality, Israel's future is getting darker by the day.
15. The Arab oil era is over
Robin ,   Israel   (01.05.15)
Not everyday one can see so many stupidities and inaccuracies like in this article. The author stops short to inform us that Israel will become the lieder of the world! Forget that a quarter of population is under poverty line, we are innovative! The elections are ahead - lets cheers!
16. Israel technology
Jason Alster MSc ,   wethersfield, usa   (01.05.15)
Finally hearing positive and forward looking statements coming out of Israel. As an American / Israeli I am happy that I am part of this technological innovation for both our countries.
17. !! Vastly Overwrought Trend Analysis
Ovadiah ben Avraham ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.05.15)
Yes there are changes happening. But these are "oscillations" not permanent trends. The world's thirst for oil will not diminish. India is coming online. China is coming online. Look at the 30-year cycle in oil prices: ups and downs. Get a grip!
18. Actually Israel was a forerunner
Raptor   (01.05.15)
in technology over three thousand years ago when Moses ascended the mount and stayed there for forty days and forty nights without water and descended fit and healthy with two mysteriously etched tablets in his hands. Before that he caused a an ocean to part and after that he drew water from a rock. These are feats that are without parallel in history and have never even been equaled to this day. Oh sorry, in the interim Jesus came along and outdid Moses, I almost forgot.
19. Excellent editorial
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.05.15)
Natural gas is the wave of the future, not petroleum, and Israel controls two of the largest natural gas fields ever discovered. Israel is also the leading nation in the field of information technology. Again -- the wave of the future. All the naysayers can tuck their anti-Semitism where they keep their brains. Truth will out.
20. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.05.15)
Shale oil is not that expensive to extract and, in any event, it is far cheaper than paying blackmail prices. Israel sits astride -- and controls -- two of the largest natural gas fields ever discovered. We can bottom out the Qatari price -- and probably will. All those Qatari sheikhs and princes need a high price in order to maintain their absurd lifestyles. And the quality of Qatari natural gas is not high -- it requires a huge amount of refinement. Israeli natural gas does not. It liquefies quite easily. Israel will control the market -- and the pricing levels. That's key to keep in mind. And yes, Europe is in very bad shape. As is the Arab and Moslem Middle East. The worm has turned, baby. Get used to the new world order.
21. #20 ,...
split   (01.05.15)
Google "Israel cannot compete in gas market, says expert" ... this should calm you down a bit ;) ,...
22. so Nigeria is a democracy now?
Roger ,   Canada   (01.05.15)
"democracies like Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria and even little Israel will enter the market". it's clear that the author see the future the way he wishes not the way it will be, by listing Nigeria as a democracy. the country fostering "Boko Haram" is a democracy now. what a joky article
23. Arab oil is not over at all
Dan ,   DC, USA   (01.05.15)
When it comes to the issue of why oil prices are down, it isn't because the arabs can't control prices anymore. Its the opposite. Saudi Arabia wants to economically strangle Iran and Russia. Since they have the most, and the cheapest oil, they can afford to over produce and slam prices down. A nice side effect is to hurt US shale oil producers. As we see the actions by the Saudi resulted in huge effects all over the world. Is this a sign that the Arab oil era is over? Of course not . Its at its heyday. Think again Guy.
24. talk about unrealistically optimistic
Cameron ,   USA   (01.05.15)
Liberation & "A Brave New World" through the rise of shale oil and natural gas? Far too much weight given in the diatribe to energy resources somehow transforming or fundamentally altering the landscape of the ME, and Israel's traditional position in it.
25. Saudi looks like the mysterious babylon!
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (01.05.15)
Sure they had a longggg dream for real that their islamic oil will drown the kifirs for good. Saudi Arabia looks like the mysterious babylon that after will fall for good. Next she will be a victim of her doing. As the Ancient of Time said, Do not be afraid of curses unless you deserve it! The innocents blood of Christians & non muslims was in Gaddafi hands......how about the Saudis? Well well well may be the Saudis royal families may seek political asylum in Great Israel! GOD bless Zion & Israel
26. Roger @ 22 ,...
split   (01.05.15)
Of course since their abstention from the UN vote on Palestinian statehood last week they're not only a legit democracy but a shining light unto the nations ;) ,... Note how he managed to sneak Israel into that crowd ;) ,...
27. To Sarah B. 19
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (01.05.15)
In the State of Texas gas prices are as low as $1.89. The price of Oil is going down worldwide and most consumers are seeing lower gas prices, however In Israel there is no change what so ever even though the government is paying almost 40 percent less than what they paid for Oil a year ago on the open market. Why don't they pass the savings on to the consumer? Why are Israeli's paying 6-8 dollars a gallon for gas today? I just can't figure that out when the price has dropped almost 40 percent.
28. To: No. 27
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.15)
Those are pretty good questions. I wish I knew the answers. Israel has too many political parties, and a ridiculously outdated parliamentary style of government. But it is so entrenched as to be permanent. There are better ways to govern the country; everyone knows that. But with all the special interest groups and all the political parties that constantly threated to withdraw from a ruling coalition that is already fragile, government is impossible. But, for all the flaws of Israel's democracy, and all the external pressures -- we're doing okay. One of the smallest countries in the world, beset by enemies on all sides -- and we manage to be in the forefront of so much. Makes you wonder what could be accomplished if the international community weren't so dead set on removing us from the map. That will never happen, of course, and it says far more about Arabs and Moslems than it does about the State of Israel and the Jewish people.
29. Wishful Thinking
Akram Nussbaum ,   Pretoria, S.Africa   (01.06.15)
Putin is being paid in gold or Dollars (converted to gold) for its energy. Gold and oil prices are kept low in support of the Dollar. As the Ruble falls, Putin is buying these back cheaply and will soon only accept Rubles for energy. Soon, its price will double and the entire Western capitalist system will collapse when Putin postpones the repayment of loans. To imagine an Anglo-Zionist victory is delusional to say the least!!!
30. fancy
mohammed ,   yemen   (01.07.15)
the writer, it appears, is far away from reality...he is too arrogant that he lost control over his thoughts...he should understand that money is not everything and Israel will be destroyed one day at the time of lack of money and oil as well. is that enought?
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