Power company prepares to cut supply to PA
Billie Frenkel
Published: 05.01.15, 23:47
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1. Good news
Samer   (01.06.15)
Abbas is a weak leader who has accomplished nothing for his people. All he has done is help Israel crackdown on his own people in furtherance of the occupation. Israel halting tax transfers and cutting power will lead to Abbas' overthrow eventually. Then the Palestinians can have a young, tough leader instead if a weak coward like Abbas.
2. Palestinian Authority Debt
Gabriel ,   Toronto   (01.06.15)
Just wondering why the Israeli Gov. is just not taking off whatever debt the Palestinian Authority has before transferring the funds.
3. To: Facebook Kathlyn Gadd
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.15)
Do you pay your electrical bills? What happens if you don't pay your electrical bills? The provider cuts off your electricity, right? Why should Israel continue to provide free electricity to people bent on our destruction? We should have cut their power years ago. Perhaps they can borrow funds from the $5.4 billion promised to Hamas. There's a unity agreement in place, haven't you heard?
4. So . .
Mike ,   NZ   (01.06.15)
So . . What's the problem. Pull the plug damm it !
5. Question Do Israeli's Get Electricity If They
Don't pay for it? Or is it reduced if Israeli's don't pay for it? If Not Why??? Someone please explain this to me.
6. Cut them off
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.15)
I pay my utility bills. So does everyone I know. That's how it works. I realize that the "palestinians" have acquired some sort of delusional mindset that they are above and exempt from the law. Well, they're not. They pay the bill, or they don't have electricity. It doesn't get very much more simple than that. Keep signing onto more "treaties" and "conventions." Wait 'til we start evicting you from your homes. In the middle of what is forecast to be the worst winter in a very long time. We're tired of freeloading "palestinians." Pay your bills -- or sit in the dark. Next step will be to revoke the work permits of all West Bank Arabs. Perhaps the international community can create jobs for the tens of thousands newly unemployed. Good luck with that one!
7. Go on flick that switch and plunge them in to darkness
Miriam   (01.06.15)
How on earth are they going to make rockets now i will never know?
8. it will help stop the corruption
jo   (01.06.15)
currently PA residents pay minimum and cheap amounts, paid into the post office once a month.......someone is putting the rest in their back pocket. This is a move should make them pay the normal amount......and the their citizens too.......this is not oil rich Iraq with their 12 hour a day erratic but free electricity
9. qatar, saudi
grace ,   nigeria   (01.06.15)
Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan should donate money to save the PA from this shame. Where are the dollars nah?
10. Better late than never
A ,   Belgium   (01.06.15)
After the "palestinian" failure to have their illegal and worthless statehood bid ratified by the UNSC, it is only logical that as a reward for being such trusted "peace partners", they are required to pay their outstanding electric bills. A few months of withheld tax monies should cover it nicely. And if the American congress decides to cut the "palestinian" parasites annual handouts...Amman seems more promising each day, doesn't it Mahmoudi?
11. Occupation is costly
If you want to occupy millions of people you have to take care of them.
12. These Arabs owe Israel about 2 billion shekel for electricit
Dan   (01.06.15)
and Israel is only thinking about cutting electric supply, while they they would cut electric supply for Jews when it reaches even to a few hundred shekel. When will Israel learn?
13. don't cut off electricity
Israel should keep supplying power to the Arab people who are victims of the Arab occupation by the PLO terror gang. Israel should sell the electricity and the local Arab can pay with state land. The only people who should not get electricity are members of PLO.
14. there is a 2 part solution
zionist forever   (01.06.15)
First have the government hand over that tPA tax money and give it to IEC to pay SOME of the debt. Arrange for wither Egypt or Jordan to become the main suppliers to the PA because they will shut them off if they don't pay the bills not act as a soft touch the way the Israeli has done for decades and the result is IEC recover their losses by raising prices for Israeli's.
15. What a year this will be
US citizen ,   US   (01.06.15)
a year like never has been nor will ever be. Praise be to the God of Israel.
16. PA unpaid elecrticity
HaroldT38 ,   Toronto Canada   (01.06.15)
Why has the electric company not got a court order to take payment out of withheld tax revenues, and then give PA 30 days to pay up or be cut off for future debts?
17. As occuppiers israel has an obligation to
Kol Nidri   (01.06.15)
care for and protect the occupied population. But obligations are not obligations, commitments are not commitments, and vow are not vows.
18. They need to pay
Gershon ,   Canada   (01.07.15)
Make the Likud government pay the outstanding amount from the PA's taxes until the debt is paid. In the meantime JDECO and the PA must prepay for any power they need. No money no power.
19. send their bill to the EU!
nadav ,   tlv   (01.08.15)
if the PA is using EU taxpayer money to fund terrorism or line their own pockets, then we might as well get a piece of that pie too!
20. electricity debt
suz ,   melbourne   (01.12.15)
Get the money from UNRWA and let them pay all Palestinian electricity bills. UNRWA has perpetuated not resolved the cycle of inertia. A corrupt body sanctioned by its cohort, the UN.
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