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Rare look into secret testing facility
Yoav Zitun
Published: 06.01.15, 16:22
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1. Idiot Rosen @ FB ,...
split   (01.06.15)
As advanced and ahead of time as your dripping garden hose ,... Dude, my local indoor skydiving facility located in shopping center is hundred years ahead of your so called secret testing facility ,... Gosh ,...
2. By the way, Rosen ,...
split   (01.06.15)
... you can visit or if you have a dough and can pay you can rent NASA, Boeing or Lockheed Martin wind tunnels and test your latest toy assembled from airplane kits there's nothing secret about those facilities.
3. #1, Complexity lies in tested systems, not in the tunnels.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.06.15)
Indeed, the skydiving person's intestines are very complicated while the board from which he/she jumps is trivially simple. Also, taking data from the tested systems might be complicated enough that a facility in a shopping center may not do it well enough. The NASA facility's wind tunnel I toured here in California appeared surprisingly uncomplicated, but we easily understood where the complexity lies during the tests.
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