Israel's residents are entitled to answers about Gaza war
Yuval Diskin
Published: 08.01.15, 00:45
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1. The answers are tactical calculations..
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.08.15)
.. and will never be public, not even answered to a retired Shin Bet. People comes and people goes.
2. bibi is nervous and weak BUT
jerold   (01.08.15)
diskins pals livni and lapid backed up bibi in chasing ceasefires before the tunnels were dealt with. So livni and lapid are liars if they critique the gaza operation since they held out the white flag. It was bennett and yvette who called for the destruction of tunnels, otherwise it would not have happended. Israelis should be voting to put bennette in as PM as bibi is weak, lapid and livni are pacifists, and herzog is as ignornant on security as anyone can be, As for diskin, he was shin bet head during olmert's lebanion fiasco so he has no credibility wwith israelis much asperi has none during his stint with shin bet during oslo,
3. proof positive you hav etoo much time on your hands and were
ralph   (01.08.15)
educated beyond your abilities.
4. He's the most guilty,why hadn't he answered the questions wh
ab   (01.08.15)
-ile at active duty ?
5. decisions of war cannot be based on intelligence alone
C   (01.08.15)
decisions of war are based on the overall military situation, on geo-political considerations as well as the overall political situation. during operation pillar of defense, egypt was still ruled by the muslim brotherhood. hence, israel was threatened by elements of the brotherhood from the south. hamas could count on egypt to allow all manner of arms to be transferred to gaza both from iran and from the looted arms stocks of lybia. at the time, the obama administration was absolutely intent on a peace deal. hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire with the morsi government with the goal of achieving such a peace deal. israel was not in a position to reject such a cease fire. by the time of operation protective edge, the muslim brotherhood was overthrown and the new egyptian government did not accept the transfer of weapons to gaza. the israel-palestinian peace negotiations fell appart. the obama administration lost some of its influence as a result of its support for the muslim brotherhood, its mishandling of the syrian civil war and subsequent genocide and the sunni anger for its negotiations with shia iran. the "reconciliation" between hamas and the pa gave the israeli government the needed political cover for an extended operation in gaza. the increased missile fires from gaza made the operation an imperative at that time. the time was also ripe to uproot the large number of terror tunnels.
6. Been here since 1968 + after every war - same questions !
barbara ,   Haifa   (01.08.15)
7. yuval diskin
A V ,   london uk   (01.08.15)
sorry yuval but its a shame that you became very left wing and never miss a chance to have a go at BIBI
8. solid analysis, good points
Rafi ,   US   (01.08.15)
9. Contradictions Dangers .
Zechariah   (01.08.15)
The elite soldiers were not prepared fully so why was acceptance of the Ceasefire before the ground operation halted .If soldiers not fully equipped a delay ought be Justified .Bennet of The Religious Nationalist wanted a large Gaza invasion This would have led to a heavy fold increase in Jewish and Arab casualties .On Global TV .The 'Generalissimo' was grandstanding for the Fanatics in his Party don't think he is so Unbalanced .Possibly suffered an Adrenalin Dopamine Rush .The Army is claimed to lack Ammunition :Trophy anti missiles Tunnel Detection Devices .NonLethal Knock on the door .Hamas is a Severe enemy with a virulently Antijewish Past right back to the 1929 Hebron Massacre of Yeshiva students .Then the Revolts against Jewish escape from Nazism and Genocide and glass of Lemon Juice Grand Mufti of the Holy City with Nazism that hated the Book .An enemy to be prepared for Maximally .
10. Rafi #8, you are like a parrot
Jake   (01.08.15)
11. diskin #7
yosef, phd ,   florida-israel   (01.08.15)
To add: DIskin is incapable of understanding this, but he and his ilk have become the worst enemies to the very survival of the Jewish state. This is both tragic and ironic - and nevertheless true...
12. answer
Most Israel's know the answer, so this is for Diskin. In a nutshell, Obama will not let Israel defeat Hamas.
13. We Israelis are entitled to be Diskin-free!
14. Possible
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (01.10.15)
It is good and correct, that also such a discussion/debate is possible in an open, free and democratic nation-state, like/as Israel and also to agree to disagree in a peacefull, just, studious, wise and human way.
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