From Egypt's leader, an ambitious call for reform in Islam
Associated Press
Published: 08.01.15, 12:07
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1. Best of luck with that.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.08.15)
But, remember the Muslim Brotherhood is still admired in the ignorant Egyptian psyche. ( and good old Muslim loving obama.) KEEP BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL !!
2. Leadership
Hunt S Cross ,   England   (01.08.15)
Al-Sisi is using a calibrated, forward-looking approach and showing leadership. With the Charlie Hebdo massacre still fresh while so much other terrorism has been too quickly and conveniently forgotten, western political leaders should not delay longer before instigating a debate within their communities on reform. Al-Sisi deserves that support. So do peace-loving people everywhere.
3. I wouldnt give Al Sisi an insurance policyThey will bump him
Alan ,   SA   (01.08.15)
4. He certainly has my support
Sagi   (01.08.15)
and I wish him success, but I fear that he will become a candidate for the chopping block.
5. Purging Islam of...Islam??!!
6. President Al-Sisi This A Brave Step You
Are trying to undertake, how is one to change the dogma of islam and hundreds of years of different dominal interpretations from the many sects or offshoots of islam when They Feel their interpretation is The Correct One??? There are Many madrassa's who have their own personal interpretation which most center around Intolerance, Violence and Lack of Freedom??? May Ha Shem help you with this MONUMENTAL TASK Baruch Ha Shem/Inshallah
7. al-Sissi
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.08.15)
His speech should come as no surprise. Al-Sissi is known to maintain an undercover, treasonous, near-incestuous relation with the Zionist state which has been going on since he illegally seized power. Justice will catch up with him one day.
8. #6 Same way we restore & modernize Torah from Dark Ages
Tora Jew ,   Israel   (01.08.15)
against similar ultra-orthodox medievalists (just not as violent -- well, most of the time)
9. Greeting Christians and Jews?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (01.08.15)
It's about time! So now Muslim children are finally told they're allowed to greet Christians and Jews. My many Muslim pupils here in London have been greeting me for the past 40 years -- and I never knew they were breaking Islamic tradition. Belated thanks for the compliment.
10. Dear President Al-Sisi
joyce fraser ,   USA   (01.08.15)
You deserve a great ovation for your special beneficent, and perhaps world-saving undertaking! You, we, and the entire world, need to re-educate and to socialize Islamic scholars, Islamic leaders, Islamic writers, et al - particularly Ayatollah Khamenei, and Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan - with higher principles of respect and love for 'other kinds', to replace their Islamocentric, and what can arguably be described as their often 'primitively vengeful and hate-filled' visions of the world.
11. Islam cannot be reformed, it must be eradicated w. followers
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.08.15)
12. sisi
suha ,   jerusalem   (01.08.15)
reform people not the faith
13. I said it before, and say it again.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (01.08.15)
Pres. Al Sisi is the best thing to happen in Egypt since Ice Cream! Balls and Brains!
14. H
S.S ,   Australia   (01.09.15)
sissi has two evil faces the cunny approaching one the quranic belligerent one the belligerent mentality is the dominating mentality as long as in every place in egypt has a copy of quran and hadiyeth
15. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.09.15)
Oh, please! The "faith" relies on killing the "infidel," the enslavement of women and a whole host of things even worse. That's not a "faith." That's a cult. A murderous one. And it follows the preachings of a paedophile. Excuse me. Care to explain how a paedophile warrants respect? Frankly -- the world would be a far better place with Islam. What has Islam contributed? Besides terror, slavery, violence and tyranny? Since a faith cannot be reformed, let's look at the obvious -- given the abundant lack of contributions that Moslems have made, especially in the past several centuries, isn't civilization far better off without Islam? In all its forms? Really -- what is it besides a murderous, jaw-dripping cult? Al Qaeda. Daesha. It's a cult of murderers. Best get rid of it, before it gets rid of everyone else that isn't just like it.
16. All humans should view all humans as mere humans
US citizen ,   US   (01.09.15)
God does and He is no respector of any mere human that usurps His authority or sovereignty among or between other humans.
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