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Four hostages killed in Paris kosher market
Published: 09.01.15, 19:24
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1. All France say "Je suis Charlie".Will they say"Je suis Juif"
Alan ,   SA   (01.09.15)
2. Seems Jewish Blood Is CHEAP In france
Why was there No Armed Security at Jewish Owned Business's??? What type of strategy has france implemented To Protect Jews in france??? Sounds like france Can't Controll the arab subcultures within france!!! Integration of arabs in France to french culture, mores and norms DOESNT EXSIST!!!
3. What Israel suffers so does
Ronnie ,   Australia   (01.09.15)
What Israel suffers, so now every country on earth that has Islam living amongst it suffer. Beware of what you wish for. The back lash will be massive. Muslims will be deported back to North Africa and pushed in to Turkey on mass. Global missery is what they want then that is what they will get.
4. Boruch Hashem
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (01.09.15)
All 3 terrorists dead. Hostages at Jewish grocery freed. Thank you G-d.
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