Charlie Hebdo cartoonist: 'We vomit' on feigned support
Published: 10.01.15, 14:50
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1. Q ,...
split   (01.10.15)
Have anyone taken 5 minutes to check the crap they publish and who runs this what you call 'satirical' crap in Paris and the Dutch rag? ,... I did and wanna puke too ,...
2. ahhhh a Willem cartoonist!
Adler   (01.10.15)
he looks german intelligence! naaaa...
3. another bluff
Snowden   (01.10.15)
no web site address with cartoons, Google search; France magazines & newspapers, weeknews magazines, politiques or cartoons magazines
4. He is right- the West has done nothing for years
ghilmeini ,   free speech usa   (01.10.15)
The war began 35 years ago with Khomeini and is still burning. The Islamic world is imploding before our eyes and won't things be great when the ayatollahs get the bomb (thanks Bush AND Obama!)- we are in a world war against radical Islam; for Jews, we are being run out of Europe, by people proudly finishing Hitler's work and the US is only 20 years behind. Already Islam is growing rapidly and becoming ever more influential in the West. The come with violent jihadis and snake tongued spokesliars (CAIR) and they are winning. As for Israel, deterrence is everything you cannot use too much force. This may seem counter-intuitive but fear and intimidation are the only language the jihadis understand.
5. it's not just ignorance but also continuing lack of courage
UR   (01.10.15)
the point is that Charlie Hebdo were left alone until this happened in spite of terrible threats and dangers; and it was their isolation which turned them into a target. If many publications had carried the cartoons after the threats etc., there would have been too many targets to go after: with every threat, a proliferation of just the sort of speech the terrorists want to cower us into self-censoring. It's no good coming out now and then not publishing the cartoons or pixelating them or blurring them - that's just waiting for the next attack and doing nothing to prevent it. it's more than vomit-worthy, it's petrifying.
6. A racist magazine?
Joe Dakota ,   Brooklyn, NY   (01.11.15)
Just because you have freedom of speech dosen't mean you are obligated to express your racist hatred toward the Muslim minority in France. In my opinion Hebdo was racist and continually attacked and taunted Muslims. The killings were excessive, but if you push aman, he pushes back harder.
7. Got news for you guy's ...
Mike ,   RKDH   (01.11.15)
For years now you Europeans have become so blinded by Jew hatred that you have been hood winked by radical Muslims to accept the notion that radical Islam is good for enhancing multi cultural relations. I say to you that you are now reaping what you have sown. Its going to get a lot worse before it gets better (if at all). My heart goes out to the victims. RKDH.
8. #6 joe - No Joe,
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.11.15)
Killings are NO excuse for feeling insulted by the printed word. Killing for being insulted is childish. Muslims who kill because they are insulted act like children and need to join this century or go back to the desert of Saudi Arabia and the 7th century. There ARE limits whether Islam likes it or not.
9. showing the prophet
emma ,   tel aviv   (01.11.15)
Mohamed naked is this what we call freedom of speech?let me doubt...
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