Kosher supermarket attack victims to be laid to rest in Israel
Ynet reporters
Published: 11.01.15, 00:36
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1. Yit'Gadal v' Yit'Kaddash
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (01.11.15)
At shul this morning, the entire congregation stood, facing the bima, as Rabbi Sirull chanted a special prayer for the victims: They shall dwell in the House of The Lord forever.
2. Let's hear this!
Eric ,   NY   (01.11.15)
Je suis cacher! The Israel-hating French marchers will have a lot of conflict about mourning Jews with the Charlie Hebdo victims. It's time they woke up and realized who the good people are.
3. Final return to IL
Jon ,   Sydney AU   (01.11.15)
I hope their bodies are flown to Israel in the IAF just with PM and FM.
4. there are no words to describe the pain
CJK   (01.11.15)
yet the solace is in the knowledge that our covenant with the holy one lives unbroken for eternity.
Young israelis always glamorize and romanticize places such as places and assume that everywhere outside Eretz Israel the Grass is always Greener. This is a much needed lesson for them....
6. The death of the man whose only children live in Israel
Al   (01.11.15)
hit me in the gut.... All these beautiful men whose crime it was to go shopping before the Shabbos is symbolic of the need of all Jews to consider Aliyah. The truth is that although Israel has the leadership of a house of whores, the only home for the Jew is Israel. Netanyahu and the Israel 'leaders' besmirch the memory of these keddoshim by their feigned concern. They consistently pander to the terrorists in order to curry favor with the EU, the Monkey in WH and other so called friends of Israel. Israel will live forever , the current leadership will end up being dust. May these beautiful men finally rest in peace in the only place on earth we Jews will and can call our home.
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