German town houses refugees at former Nazi camp Buchenwald
Eldad Beck, Berlin
Published: 14.01.15, 15:38
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1. Refugees from WHERE?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.14.15)
If an Arab country, too bad they couldn't be relocated to Buchenwald at the peak of its existence. My father, z"l, was liberated from Buchenwald. I know all about Buchenwald. I also know a great deal about Germans. Frankly, I'd rather that the German government simply build a tent or two to house Moslem refugees. I would rather they not despoil the place where so many innocent Jews suffered and died. But, out of curiosity -- please tell me --has Dortmund suddenly run out of hotels? Tents are good enough. Too good, in fact.
2. Hopefully These immigrants are moslems
So they can Feel what The Jews Felt, however the immigrants will be leaving on their own two feet. Unlike the Jews Who Were Gassed and Cremated!!!
3. Strange
Ruth   (01.14.15)
Although I do agree that housing refugees in these building in the wrong move, I would also say that any use of these building (other than maybe as storage units) shows a lack of taste. Funny that nobody ever said anything when a kindergarten was housed in exactly these buildings.
4. That surely is impious, but
it should be noted, that the building was also used as a storage room, 20 years as a kindergarten (quite odd, I agree) and lastly as an artist's workshop. Inmates never lived in that building and it is not located on the site of the concentration camp outpost itself. Maybe the article should be mentioning this as well.
5. German town houses refugees at former Nazi camp Buchenwald
wereatheist ,   Berlin, Germany   (01.15.15)
The building in question was almost certainly not erected for administrating some part of the Buchenwald outskirts. After the liberation, this building has been used for several purposes. Some involved people living there. As long as the refugees are well treated, which is, unfortunately, not granted, things could be fine.
6. Well, better they wind up in Germany than here
Cameron ,   USA   (01.15.15)
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