Kibbutzniks who fled Hitler welcome 100th great-grandchild
Israel Moskowitz
Published: 14.01.15, 23:50
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1. Also Haredim Great in This Wat
Zechariah   (01.15.15)
Also the Haredim are great in this way .But working to Reduce Human Suffering and fighting to Prevent MassMurders and Genocide are Laudible .The Jews and nonJews of Israel have a Tough Challenge Armed Security and Humanity .
2. Glorious!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.15.15)
Ad maya v'esrim!
3. Kibbutznik got some religious grandchildren BH.
4. amazingly beautiful
CJK   (01.15.15)
the mattwochs family prove that our covenant with the holy one is eternal.
5. Do not miss this story, Avraham Burg.
GS ,   Germany   (01.15.15)
Zionism is more than alive these day's.
6. That's sticking it to the man
US citizen ,   US   (01.15.15)
I thank God for you Michael and Marion, congrats on the new human, may he be blessed and a blessing to all who know him.
7. #4 CJK AMen!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.15.15)
go forth and multiply. KEEP BUILDING !!!
8. 100 th great grand child
Monty ,   Efrat Israel   (01.15.15)
Wonderful!!! Ken Yirbu!!!
9. #3: kibbutz lavie is religious
david ,   new york   (01.15.15)
dati leumi, anglo, but still tolerable
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (01.15.15)
In the midst of all recent turmoil, we are blessed with your wonderful story of birth and re-building of Am Yisrael!
11. Mazel Tov : )
Chana ,   Northern Israel   (01.16.15)
12. The real Israel!
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (01.15.15)
13. am israel chai
moshe ben symcha ,   tivon israel   (01.16.15)
"The more they torture us the more we shall prevail and prosper" ספר דברים כו`פסוק ו תבורכו ו קיימתם את הכתוב ראה בנים לבניך שלום על ישראל. שבת שלום ומבורך.
14. The 100th Great Grandchild
Shlomo Dovid ,   jerusalem, Israel   (01.12.16)
Not sure when i have read a more beautiful story. Truly inspiring for all of us OLIM. Kol H'Kavod!!!
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