Supreme Court rejects Dirani's claims for compensation
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 15.01.15, 12:46
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1. Arrest Yossi Beilin on whose instigation Dirani was released
ab   (01.15.15)
2. It is all in the interpretation.
Kyle   (01.15.15)
justice, morals, integrity have a different meaning in hebrew than in the rest of the world. Law in israel is based on a person's religion.
3. Kyle, here is why your claim is false:
abu-Labid al-Zurayqi ,   Yahudistan   (01.15.15)
From the language of your claim, I am unable to determine to which religion(s) you may or may not adhere - and this has not impeded my carefully consideration of your grievances, nor has it prevented me from finding that they are no less legitimate than those put forth by Mr. Durani. As such, you would each be compensated equally: Be'teavon! (ya tay'eb!)
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