Nasrallah: Hezbollah ready for war beyond Galilee
Roi Kais
Published: 15.01.15, 14:21
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1. Yawn
Miriam   (01.15.15)
2. Satanrallah threat
Ya shaitan, Israel not afraid of your threat. If you think you will be using chemical, Israel will unleash weapons that never been used before. Israel will make Lebanon sky on earth, and the earth will be in the sky. We are waiting for your move, and then you can go and prey to your pagan god of the moon called allah. Waiting for the day you start the war.
3. I guess Israel doesn't even need any spies inside Hizballah.
Nasralla just flat out tells them what he has on national television.
4. I had a good laugh
Juha Teuvonnen ,   Boston,MA USA   (01.15.15)
The Hezbollah guy apparently has a sense of humor. It's been a while since I laughed this hard. The only threat more ridiculous than him taking over northern Israel would be Iran threatening to take South Dakota from the US.
5. They harmed the prophet more
Ezra ,   USA   (01.15.15)
Apparently Nasrallah considers himself a moderate terrorist. IS and Al-Qaeda are the extreme terrorists?! Does he ever DO anything productive in his life, beside yack about attacking Israel?
6. Is he still around?
Benji ,   US   (01.15.15)
Pounds his fists while hiding in his bunker and begging for attention. Pathetic lapdog of Iran and parasite of Lebanon.
7. Well -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.15.15)
"Israel is looking for a quick and decisive victory in every future war and this is impossible," Nasrallah added. - Action always beat Reaction !. Arn.Swedxen.
8. Hezbollah ready for war
mark ,   uk   (01.15.15)
and what UN EU have to say about this as usual f..k all
9. Let's shut him up for good.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.15.15)
If the fat pig wants a war, let's have it and turn everything south of the Litani River into Israeli property. Enough of this sloth's ranting. The Lebanese people are sick of him and would thank Israel for getting rid of him. The Christians (if any are left) would also. Nobody would mind if Hezbollah was vaporized from the planet. And Israel could use the river and the new beachfront property! Nasrallah is the run-of-the-mill Islamic lunatic- and needs to be retired.
10. I advise all Lebanese to leave their country
naro ,   jerusalem   (01.15.15)
In case of war their country will be vaporized, and not a building will remain.
11. Death wish? It happens often within Islamic world:-)
12. Oil prices too low?
Bob   (01.15.15)
Iran told nasrallah to sacrifice ten thousand Lebanese people in order to raise oil prices ?
13. A rat
Israel Jenson ,   India   (01.15.15)
ho. this rat is back in action.. digging tunnels and kidnapping soldiers... Hell fire missiles are waiting on you man..
14. Nasrallah prepared for war
Rick ,   Houston, USA   (01.15.15)
I believe that Hezbullah is prepared for war. I KNOW that they are not prepared for the wrath of God.
15. Shua terror proxy Hezbollah should first win against ISIS
CJK   (01.15.15)
the shia terror group has been trying to defeat the sunni terror group for years. it is being reported that recently islamic state terrorists have killed and injured high ranking al quds forces generals. the shia terror group has reduced syria to a rubble and has genocided over two hundred thousand civilians, but they still have not prevailed.
16. One would hope humans would learn
US citizen ,   US   (01.16.15)
God is ready, too, human and all humans can tell Him anything. He will be merciful to whom He will.
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