Riots erupt over latest Charlie Hebdo depiction of Muhammad
AFP, Ynet
Published: 17.01.15, 21:25
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2. Riots by members of So-Called religion of peace
The Primitive moslems Riot, because of words and cartoons on paper!!! How Advanced and Sophisticated these people are, their contribution to Humanity is; Violence, Death, Mayham, Lack of Human Rights and Most Of All INTOLERANCE!!!
3. Print Charlie print.
DOV ,   USA   (01.18.15)
Personally nothing anyone who writes or draws satirically could threaten my way of life. It might be in bad taste but at the end of the day I might have a bad thought about it, but to kill and destroy over it is collectively clinically and criminally insane.
4. Islam demands submission
C   (01.18.15)
islam is incompatible with freedom of speech or other aspects of liberal democracy. however, western leftists will continue to support islamists in the name of cultural tolerance. it makes no difference to them that the islamists suppress women and torture and murder oponents real or imagined.
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