Bennett to Netanyahu: I won't let missiles fly over Ben-Gurion Airport
Published: 18.01.15, 12:40
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1. Wow! is that how he sees the nation?
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (01.18.15)
2. not only bibi
alexi   (01.18.15)
bibi egged on by lapid andlivni and backed by herzog, all pacifists sued for peace before the tunnels were smashed. And yaalon suddenly became bibi #2, with his waffling. The gaza campaign was a lousy one and you could expect inconclusive repeats if herzog and livni get in. Israelis may indeed have a death wish from the nazi experience. Vote for bennett and kulano for alternatives to bibi who we are all sick of. if you want a death wish, vote for herzog and livni. She a security ignoramus like olmert and peretz(remember winograd) and has already cost israel lots of blood. Think you bloody idiots before you vote.
3. Work of dirty operatives
Brod ,   USA   (01.18.15)
It is probably the work of dirty Leftist political operatives to cause infighting among the Conservatives. Bennett should blast Herzog-Livni for the crap.
4. Together they could do so much...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.18.15)
if only Bibi and Benneth could let go their ego.
5. Please do not vote for erev rav. Vote for "No Apologies"
Deborah ,   Jerusalem-Israel   (01.18.15)
6. bibi campaign
yael ,   tel aviv   (01.19.15)
Oh give it a rest already! The campaign is hilarious and makes us realize whats actually going on behind closed doors. Also makes you see the funny side of Israeli politics. Laugh a little. Won't kill you!
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