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The State of Israel's biggest failures
Sever Plocker
Published: 19.01.15, 01:24
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1. Israel's future
William ,   Haifa   (01.19.15)
Well it would be nice to have normal neighbours who don't want to destroy us first. Then we could give up ruling over them
2. Take it easy man
Erik ,   Norway   (01.19.15)
You speak as Israel is in a unique negative situation. First of all. What is poverty? If you have roof over your head, food and clothes you are rich. The biggest problem in many countries in the West is not poverty or "poverty", but a to easy life with to much luxury.. To much luxury is crippling the new generations and making many of them unable to fight for a better future or defend their own societies. The wealth makes them unable to preserve their natural survival instincts. And occupation line? A recent survey showed tthat 65 % of all Arabs in Israel are proud to be Israelis. And the number is increasinly growing. And I will suppose that same number of Arabs within the "occupation line" would choose the same if Fatah or Hamas were not equipped with rifles and guns. Do not only see all the negative. I can prove at least 10 very good things and trends in Israekli society that is totally absent in many of the richer countries. But that does not mean that Israel cannot improve like all other countries. Most of all Israel should try to reduce the gap between the very rich and the very poor.
3. That's a Lapid election campaign
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.19.15)
underestimating the Israeli citizen.
4. Sever Plocker is a self hating Jew
Dearborn Michigan   (01.19.15)
Thanks Sever Plocker for demonizing Jews. Yes, the Jews of Stalin were bad, the Jews of Israel are very bad. Thanks a million. My family is Arab Muslim living in Galelee and enjoy Israeli schools and universities, have social security and health plans, have businesses and build phenomenal homes. Just drive on rout 6 to see! They are judges and physicians. Go to Emek hospital...go to Nazareth. My family is better off than my relatives in Lebanon, Syria, Saudi and Gulf states. Palestinians are discriminated in all these states more than they are in Israel. I am very proud that my cousin is a helicopter pilot in IDF. Sever Plocker go and live in Gaza and leave Israel alone.
5. it's worse than he says
Israel was on the verge of peace in 1992. Shamir and Ahrens ended the First Intifada, ended the secondary boycott by Arab states and expelled PLO to anonymity in Tunis. Local Arab representatives were negotiating with Israel, and the economy was on the verge of taking off thanks to low oil prices and the Russian immigration. The disaster struck: the Rabin/Peres regime seized power and resurrected PLO. Not only did they make peace impossible and brought the continuous war we see today, but they destroyed the economy both by their corruption and by the skyrocketing defense costs they caused. What's funny, is that Israel's biggest problem is spillover from the Arab civil war: hundreds of thousands of displaced young men with military experience nothing to lose and nothing to live for, endless weapons, and a proven dislike of non-Muslims, just ask the Yazidi.
6. This questions applies to the World
Tova ,   Canada   (01.19.15)
Wtih the exception of the military budget Israel faces the same problems as any countries. Povery, education, housing is a big problem everywhere. As for the Israel the future is not bright. War is already at the door. Obama is not for Israel and Canada only as long as Harper is prime minister. Israel also have a big problem with Ultra-Orthodox. They are running Israel to the ground.
7. You shouldn't have supported scoundrels Rabin,Peres,Beilin
ab   (01.19.15)
8. And THAT ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.19.15)
... is a pretty puerile question. Coming from Yair Lapid, I could not have expected better, of course, but I'll answer in any event. I want to leave my children an Israel where the Jews are in charge. Oh, wait! That's hardly news. We ARE in charge. And we do not have to put up with Arabs, Understand? Anyone who feels differently is free to leave at any time. No one has chained them here. You are either with us, Mr. Plocker, or you are against us. I'd say the choice is yours. I'm more than happy to pay your moving costs to Ramallah, okay, traitor?
9. Nothing is going to change for the better.
Indi ,   London, UK   (01.19.15)
The Israel Central Bank does not have any gold reserves. That is not the actions of a country that is planning a long term future. Get out while you can.
10. Oh boo hoo
Eric ,   Herzliy   (01.20.15)
Apartment prices are high, do you want the government to coddle you and take care of you like a 5 year old child so you won't have to worry? Poverty exists in every country and will always exist whether we like it or not. As to the Arabs living under "occupation", they don't have to live here.... they can leave!
11. Mr. Plocker, Sir ,...
split   (01.20.15)
One more attempt and one more proof on your record that you're talking to Titanic orchestra ,...
12. Israel's gold reserves
Mickey ,   Sydney, Australia   (01.20.15)
According to the IMF Israel has $81,785,519,418 in Gold reserves, the highest its ever been. You can check this out on the IMF website or google 'Israels gold reserves'. So leave your BS somewhere else, maybe The Guardian
13. The two greatest failures
Sagi   (01.20.15)
are the failure to separate religion and state and the failure in not having a constitution. Both of these are paramount to the country being a democracy and the lack of both of them is the direct cause of all the failures, especially the two "humps" the author mentions. Millions of Jews have arrived in Israel with hope in their hearts, or were born here and achieved adulthood, only to be totally disillusioned by the society and the way it is run due to the lack of these two essential ingredients. Millions have left because of this. Denial will not help, reality must be faced and dealt with. It will not come from the politicians, this demand must come from the people,revolution if necessary.
14. politicians
john ,   toronto   (01.20.15)
The biggest of Israel`s failures are its politicians , a disappointment. The political field must be opened to a generation of youngsters who mean what they say .The state cannot have politicians who are taking foreign trips half the time at the expense of taxpayers. They do not know how to balance their pocketbooks let alone their budgets.
15. normal country
john ,   toronto   (01.20.15)
If you want a normal country you put wise people in the position not a rock star. Do some sort of preliminary test for the position.
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