Jihad Mughniyeh planned attacks against Israel in the Golan Heights
Yoav Zitun, Roi Kais
Published: 18.01.15, 21:58
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1. So, the bottom line ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.18.15)
... is that Israel took out a bunch of terrorist scum. The international community ought to throw Israel a parade! Don't forget to pass out the sweets. Israel eliminated some real monsters. Yet not a word of gratitude from anyone. Stands to reason. Next thing, they'll all be sporting tee-shirts reading "Je suis Jihad." Yeah, well, we know that already.
2. Picture
Ed ,   USA   (01.18.15)
Is this a recent picture of Jihad M? He looks much younger here--and very innocent. Israeli media outlets should be careful about pictures printed. The US public's reaction to the unfortunate death of Travon Martin was partly determined by the first pictures of him being taken when he was probably about 10. He didn't look as innocent in more recent pictures.
3. look at that innocent looking young man
C   (01.18.15)
some might even say that he could be their son. yet the apple did not fall far from the tree. the mughniyeh name will remain cursed. their profession is murder in the name of shia islam.
4. Jihad Mughniyah
Jihad failed to make Jehad. Now he will meet 72 virgins in hell. Inshalla his soul rot in hell.
5. A crime
Boote Boldcaster ,   USA   (01.18.15)
Yes, it's a crime this poor, fun loving terrorist animal has been destroyed. And think of the rest of them out there, only living to kill others and Israel has the nerve to kill them. Is this brimming with sarcasm because if it isn't, it should be. And I really feel for the pacifist thugs out there that will cry against Israel also. I really do. Of course I really do not.
6. You weight the visuals far too much, Ed
Cameron ,   USA   (01.19.15)
That aspect of the propaganda game has little real run to it. No one is honestly taken in or deceived by those antics. The real truth is always readily apparent. This Jihad, as well as the Travon you mentioned, were both playin' punk until the foot of Fate stepped on the pair.
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