Iran confirms general killed in Syria strike attributed to Israel
Roi Kais and Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 19.01.15, 14:45
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1. The Ayatollah's Regime is hell bent on starting another WAR!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (01.19.15)
2. The Revolutionary Guard ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.19.15)
... has taken quite a beating in Syria at the hands of those opposing Assad. An increasing number of Revolutionary Guardsmen are being deployed to guard Iran's border with Iraq; they are also being deployed throughout Iran because the natives have been getting restless. Iran isn't a big concern. Israel has proven itself ready, willing and, most importantly, able to shut down Iran's nuclear program pretty much at will. Remember Qazvin and Parchin? The sheer extent of the damage makes it quite evident that both sites were subject to aerial bombardment. Besides, Iran no longer exerts much control over Hezbollah. They can't.
Robert ,   Israel   (01.19.15)
What were those twelve nice family guys doing far away from their home?. Didn't they know Syria was at war?
4. this proves it
ky   (01.19.15)
Nazrallah is the real informant. They hung the wrong guy . I would be very suspicious of everybody. Perhaps they should hang them all to make sure !
5. Prevention: First and Foremost
joyce fraser ,   USA   (01.19.15)
And if Israel sits with hands folded, the encroaching, hate-filled murderers and destroyers will become friendly, and begin to engage in kind acts with regard to Israel and Jews? Preventative measures taken by Israel, should be considered as essential sin qua non, non-aggressive acts, notwithstanding oceans of never-ending, deceptive Arab/Islamic propaganda.
6. And what were these "fine" people doing in Syria?
ayatollah ghilmeini ,   Qum Usa   (01.19.15)
18 months ago Syria used poison gas on its own people. Hezbollah and Iran are complicit in shoring up the Syrian regime and, depending on just how much influence they actually have, may have even ORDERED it. Hezbollah is an proxy army of Iran and uses the Hitler salute at its rallies. I am sure there are members of the Mugniyeh family that are not genocidal killers but I suggest that Israel channel the spirit of the real resistance, the resistance against Hitler that began burning more than 75 years ago- take up arms and fight these terrorists who aim for our women and children and threaten to kill us all. I hope this does not lead to a war but the Gaza war saved us from a massive tunnel attack on Rosh Hashana, maybe this incident will save us from something worse. Remember you can't put anything beneath these people.
7. stay away from the border... it can be very dangerous!
Rafi ,   US   (01.19.15)
8. To #2
joyce fraser ,   USA   (01.19.15)
Lo kol kach betuach, Saralah matoka. Hez remains pretty damned faithful to Iranian overall purpose(s),
9. Israels willingness to live with their neighbors.
Jerusalem   (01.19.15)
Israel gave Sinai back, Israel withdrew from all they could have had in the Golan Heights and this little piece of land disputes with Lebanon and Syria should be allowed to stay in Israeli sovereignty. Just look and Arab Islamic lands in the Middle East and north Africa. That is said from Ishmael. What's to be said for Isaac and Abraham's covenant? The Muslims, by the words of the Apostle, should forfeit this little bit of land even for all the trouble that has unjustly been dealt to Israel. The last days and last day, when the judgments of life and death come, are common to the Abrahamic faiths and the Quranic verse of righteousness has to be argued/ discussed so that the conclusions can be ascertained. We are in the "big mess" times now. There's no reason to continue with the border scrimmages resulting in losses of life or wounded. It's senseless. You see what abounds right now in much of the Islamic world is senseless death and destruction like Boko Haram and Bagdadi foolishness.
10. SWEET.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!12 terrorists are done.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.19.15)
11. ***Sarah***at 2, Yes, Parchin was bombed,
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.19.15)
I saw the pictures...and it wasn't done by the US. NOW, what's about the Syrian nuke plant ?!
12. #1 Son of Cyrus
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (01.19.15)
Better now than later.
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