Bus driver, prison guards heroes of Tel Aviv terror attack
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 21.01.15, 09:51
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Jewdas ,   AMERICA THEBEAUTIFUL   (01.21.15)
They need almost no convincing. EASY! i.e. nazrallah
2. Bus attack
Yehudis ,   Ny. USA   (01.21.15)
It's high time for every Israeli to carry a gun and know how to use it! Had that been the case, this animal could have been killed as soon as he stabbed the driver before hurting eve one more person.
3. Look at the picture....
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.21.15)
that big rock by the terrorists head should have 'accidently' DROPPED on it! "We were standing around and the 200kg rock just rolled onto the perp's head! It was a miracle! We didn't stop it since it must have been Allah's will." Dear Police and Border Guards: when you draw your gun, shoot to kill. Now Israeli will have to absorb a big hospital bill and spend a hundred thousand shekels a year to incarcerate him for life. If the dirtbag lives to just 60, Israel will have spent MILLIONS of shekels on him. That money COULD be spent on scholarships for deserving students that can't afford school, or improving low-income housing, or food for the elderly. Every shekel spent by Israel on this scumbag MUST be deducted from funds due the PA. EVERY terrorist's expenses should be deducted from funds due the PA. The PA incites Arabs to terror, THEY should pay for every terrorist in prison. Every year, the total costs of keeping Arab terrorists locked up should be calculated, announced, and deducted from tax payments Israel forwards to the PA. If nothing is left for the PA, then that's the cost of their terror machine that they have to live with. Now which candidate for MK is strong enough to propose this? Going after the money is the way the FBI stops criminals. Taking money away from the PA to reimburse Israeli prison costs may actually make Abbas think twice before urging his youth to jihad.
4. I think it makes sense that...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.21.15)
...all Israeli bus drivers be equipped with a hand gun. That is the only way you can protect passengers from terrorists scums. Why isn't Egged and Dan quipping every driver with a hand gun? This has to be done very urgently.
5. bus attacker caught..thankyou!!
shelley ,   Michigan U s a   (01.21.15)
Bless you all for your bravery and doing what was right. Praying for you and all those that were wounded.
6. paradise in prison
chaya ,   philly, usa   (01.22.15)
he spoke of reaching paradise. someone had better explain to these losers that there is no such thing. i hope he ejoys paradise in prison with his invisible virgins for the rest of his life.
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