Video: Terrorist stabs woman as she flees from bus
Yoav Zitun
Published: 21.01.15, 13:45
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1. abu mazen And hamas Need To Be Held Accountable
For Provocation and Incitement For islamic Extremism on Israeli civilians and population!!! The left needs to find a solution instead of Critizing Bibi and Security Forces!!!
2. a typical arab hero......
canadian ,   canada   (01.21.15)
stabbing people, mostly women in the back, than try to run away. and these are the "people" you try to coexistent... what naivety :)).
3. Death penalty should be initiated for pal terrorists.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.21.15)
That might become a game changer. Or, sue the bums for every dime they have.
4. Israel must equip every bus driver with a gun!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.21.15)
5. Bus Stabbings & Hamas Masters Dwellings
Noel ,   Hertzylia, Israel   (01.21.15)
Anyone aware why Arab leadership live thousands of kilometers from the center of the action, warzone, danger area is they are the fearless wonders and is 72 VIRGINS are a POSITIVE REWARD FOR DYING & SUCH HONOR, WHY DON'T ALL MUSLIMS RUSH to claim their 72 FIRST PRIZES. Defies my logic. Explain pls???
6. This Guy Is One Deluded and Sick M**********
emanon ,   USA   (01.21.15)
7. Genesis 16:12
Jerusalem   (01.21.15)
Lo and behold.
8. #1 No, it's Livni who needs to be held accountable and
ousted from the government together with Herzog, just for talking with heads of terrorists.
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