Opinion  Orly Azoulay
With a little help from Netanyahu's billionaire friends
Orly Azoulay
Published: 22.01.15, 12:07
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1. All that Money for three mandates .
Zechariah   (01.22.15)
All that money that ought go to the Poor in Israel and in alot of Wretched places and that money goes far if Targetted and Audited even with the 50% Schmeir the Palms Tax for a few mandates to Likud rather than another Party in the Band .
2. Disgusting.
nibor ,   israel   (01.22.15)
If this is the case then we all should stop hiding behind Democracy. Let the corruption and egoists rule. But don't dare let them use democracy as a shield. I hope to God the Israeli public can see through this Golden Calf.
3. invite to Bibi
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (01.22.15)
The theme running through the article appears to be of Netanyahu's disrespect of Obama; I do not know which planet the author of this article resides but on the contrary it is Bibi who has been at the butt end of Obama's not so subtle antipathy. Besides, certainly the Republicans and many of the US citizens are under no illusion as to the inadequacies of Obama,s administration. Furthermore the tenor of the article also reinforces by the snide heading....billionaire friends.
4. If Hillary wins then USA is finished even before Europe does
If (Allah forbid) Buji & the Leftist crazies win here, then it all can go to hell....not much will matter afterwards.
5. really?
Walter Burke ,   Chicago, IL, U.S.A.   (01.22.15)
"Obama never forgave him. He believes Netanyahu is harming his country's interests." All Obama believes is that PM is harming his legacy. If Orly thinks Obama cares about the U.S., she's got it all wrong. However, Obama is dangerous and I think PM is in a very difficult situation - letting leftist loons win elections in Israel versus taking chances with a POTUS who is no longer up for re-election and undeniably hates Jews and Israel.
6. So Ynet agrees Bibi has friends in the US
Jean ,   Seattle. USA   (01.22.15)
Let's make one thing clear - the "crisis" if it can be called that, is ONLY between Obama & Bibi. Obama has turned his back on many US allies & is now a lameduck president. It was Obama who instigated the bad blood by disrepecting Netanyahu from the start.
7. A true leader
Isaac Friedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.22.15)
Yes true leaders are apreciated by the Masses and the wealthy people that are Helping Bibi didnt get to where they are by accident. Those people who want to drink the cool aid by believing the Abbas and friends really want piece can continue to do so as the opposition! Thank you America for your help once again!
8. Orly is mad that by caring for Israel it helps Bibi too
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.22.15)
9. If I were Bibi I woudl Sue YNET
Ynet's"Slander"Rules ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.22.15)
Obviously the left is in a state of panic to allow a headline like this to be published this is way beyond "slander" it villifies the more than 50 million adult Republican American voters who YNET calls Billionaires , this is slander of an entire huge sector of America . More evidence of the extreme Left media lack of responsibility and why they should never be in power
10. YNET Censoring Pro BIBI Comments
YNET=LeftiCensorship ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.22.15)
11. YNET slanders 55 million Americans
PureSlander ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.22.15)
55 Million Republicans in the last election are vilified in this disgusting article Bibi and the Republican Party should sue YNET for slander which is violating its own "Slander Comments " rule, time America saw what goes for media democracy here and freedom of the press this must be shown to Americans The Left hating YNET Yediot is obviously in a state of panic re the elections !! Disgusting ! Thankfully the people are now aware of how they have been used by the media .
12. It's Ynetnews who is slandering
"Comments&Slamder" ,   Jerusalem   (01.22.15)
You have to laugh when you see above Comments" here phobbiden To slander then read that all Republicans are Billionaires by a Ynetnews columnist and a headline Yet Americans need to see what A slymy media dominates here especially the 50 million American Adult voters who vote Republican This columnist has list her mind as well as the editors who published it
13. Get out of the country!!!!!!!
tiki ,   belgium   (01.22.15)
What would the US President do without the good advise from Orly Azoulay from Israel who is making a lot of assumptions & accusations without a shred of evidence. I know, it goes against today's ethos of journalism to come up with evidence for made claims, but the writer should try it.
14. Is this Ynet or al Jazeera??
natan ,   israel   (01.22.15)
15. in terms of the big picture - the US public view of Israel -
Rafi ,   US   (01.22.15)
... NOTHING good will come out of another Netanyahu visit - only the usal: bad taste and worse relations. As usual Netanyahu will be feathering his own political nest at grave, long term damage to Israel's public image. Most Amer's will see this for what it is: unprecedented meddling in American affairs by an Israeli PM and a grevious insult to their Presidant... even if they otherwise oppose Obama. And what all Israelis should realize is - whether they like him or not - Obama (not John Boehner) CONTROLS almost all elements of US economic, diplomatic and military support to Israel... as well as critical negotiations with Iran. Needlessly alienating a US President is pure stupidity - if not suicidal. Speaker John Boehner has his own cynical political agenda. So Boehner and Bibi may gain short term... but in terms of public opinion and security matters (Iran), Israel will lose ground BIG TIME.
16. Y.Rabin was sooo poor ..He had only poor friends ,right ?
ab   (01.22.15)
17. Mr O.Azoulay I Believe That Fbe Strained
Relations with Israel and USA is Really between b.H.o. and The Jewish State, Jewish People and Bibi is the whipping post. The Ties between Israel And The American People Is Solid, so if Bibi gets people with Influnce to set the record straight, Then Mozal Tov!!! The benifiaries Are The World. Especially regarding tehran Thwarted from Nuclear Weapons and to be replaced with Green Movement!!!
18. A with a combover is out of touch with reality.
Melvin ,   NY, NY   (01.22.15)
19. Jewry
john ,   toronto   (01.22.15)
American jewry has an undue advantage in Israeli politics. Israel should have the freedom to choose its own destiny as an independent and sovereign nation. This loophole should be closed. When rich friends try to influence elections undesirable consequences can emerge. Only citizens of Israel who reside in Israel should have the right to vote in Israeli elections. Guests cannot have a say in how Israel is governed.
20. Liberal progressives supporting their own
Richard ,   USA   (01.22.15)
Ynet should be ashamed of this op ed. It is important that Bibi support the effort by the US Congress to hold Obama's feet to the fire and enact sanctions unless an acceptable deal is made within the agreed, and oft extended, time frame. This is for Israel's sake and Ynet appears to prefer election posturing to Israel's safety. Shame on Ynet. It is great that Bibi will come and help to save us all from a nuclear insane Iran.
21. #15, Rafik the Arab and solid analysis are exact opposites
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.22.15)
22. Bibi and Israel's U.S. friends meet to help both states
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.22.15)
Israel's loyal, true American friends invite Bibi to address the U.S. Congress. Azoulay is upset about that. To anyone who loves Israel; it is great news. Bibi is meeting with Israel's friends in Congress to address the crucial issue of Iranian nukes. To help both states. But Azoulay wants to play pathetic political games. This article is contemptible on every level. So is Azoulay.
23. Agreed #21
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (01.24.15)
Hey Rafik (not Rafi). We don't care a about public opinion regarding Israel. We care about being safe!!!
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